Digital Vidya: The new indian express (oct 24, 2011)


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Digital Vidya was recently featured in one of the premier newspapers in India: The new indian express on 24th Oct, 2011. The story mentioned the vision of founders along with the best practices they follow.

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Digital Vidya: The new indian express (oct 24, 2011)

  1. 1. vol: 2 | no: 32 24 pages | Monday | october 24, 2011 P24 retro star P3 another road Director Chaitanya had Immunologists are the time of his life while always in demand. in college, directing Here is a lowdown plays and smuggling on how to pursue the liquor into the hostel evergreen subject P16 be healthy Good news for rice lovers: Don’t abstain but apply the 1:1 ratio to your meal and enjoy the veggies its your life! Education Express Through Digital Vidya, Kapil Nakra and Pradeep Chopra bring to the study table their expertise on online marketing, which is sure to change the way you blog, tweet and post on social networks | 14-15 Digi marketing evangelists
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  3. 3. The New Indian Express MONDAY, October 24, 2011 edex ore than 25 billion pieces of cover story Twitter’s web platform M content (web links, news, posts, only accounts for a notes, photo albums, etc) is shared quarter of its users. every month on Facebook Seventy five per cent use third-party apps [ digital vidya ] Marketeers, gear up for the soCial Media avalaNChe A p1 Where tweets and Nithya Caleb recent ASSOCHAM study found that Indian companies posts have helped chennai are spending over `1,200 crorep2 — about 30-40 per cent of their Presenting a few success stories of digital marketing marketing budget — on digital indian firms are increasing their web media. Internet is transforming the wayp3 Ching’s seCret: The FMCG brand probably has one goods are marketed across the globe. Many of the most engaging communities on Facebook — it has more than eight lakh people. The firm spends a major part presence. They require executives firms — young and old — are spending on an average of `2-50 lakh annually on socialp4 of its marketing budget on social networks and YouTube. who know the internet inside out, marketing campaigns. They hire social Kapil Nakra believes the brand has been able to catch the media managers to make the brand vis-p5 customers eye because “even the MD and senior manag- don’t mind spending long hours on ible, study consumer behaviour and even ers post comments and engage with the clients” taxspanner: When the finance sector was considered social networks, chatting with launch new products on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTubep6 ill-suited for digital marketing came a firm that decided to use the Net to engage with customers, promote e-filing customers and can use the medium and LinkedIn. Despite the fact that only about eight crore people use the Net in In- p7 of taxes and also for some market research. Visit http:// for a personal assessment to the company’s advantage dia — 8.5 per cent of the total population, the low cost of an online campaign cou- Devesh Mishra: An innocuous YouTube posting pled with higher visibility among young- resulted in a windfall for taxi driver-turned-entrepreneur Pradeep Chopra sters has forced companies to firm up theirp8 Devesh Mishra. In 2008, two of Mishras Swiss clients online presence, particularly in the social posted his video on YouTube and within two months he networking websites. This explosion in social media market-p9 began earning `50,000 a month! He dreamt of buying a Toyota Innova. Not only did the Varanasi-based Mishra ing has opened a new avenue for marke- achieve it but also started a travel agency teers — professionals and aspirants. Suchp10 a niche field requires a certain kind of specialisation, which Delhi-based Digital Imaging: M Arivarasu Vidya hopes to equip you with. p11 The academyp12 Digital Vidya was set up in November 2009 by serial entre- preneurs (more on that later)p13 Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Na- kra with an initial investment of `5 lakh. “This is a new field.p14 There’s no formal education. The medium is also evolvingp15 fast. New platforms are replac- ing existing ones rapidly. A case in point is Google+ — itp16 logged 50 million users within days of launch. Also many Indians are online these daysp17 — around 10 per cent of Linke- dIn users are Indians. So I’m sure people can identify withp18 our curriculum,” says 34-year- old Chopra.p19 What is digitalp20 marketing Digital marketing is not limited to social media. It comprisesp21 search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising, emailp22 marketing and mobile marketing.p23 Get trained Digital Vidya conducts two kinds of work- shops — public (open to anyone) and cor-p24 porate. The two-day public workshop fo- cuses on social media marketing. It costs `15,000 but for the next two months, you can avail it at a discounted price of `9,500. Corporate workshops will be on any area
  4. 4. The New Indian Express MONDAY, October 24, 2011 edex he first video was uploaded oncover story T YouTube on April 23, 2005. Called Oracle’s Chief Financial Me at the zoo, it was shot by Yakov Officer, Jeff Epstein, Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo was headhunted for the position via his LinkedIn profileunder digital marketing. The durationdepends on the requirements of thespecific organisation. Chopra and Nakra use a lot of casestudies, videos and interesting exer-cises to explain concepts. The duo hasheld over 75 workshops across India,Singapore and Malaysia and trainednearly 6,000 people. They have also cre-ated a marketing course for an Indiancorporate to be used in their trainingprogrammes. On an average, 20-35 peo-ple attend a workshop. The team alsoheld a day long session at BITS Pilani’sGoa campus in early August. p1Who can participateDigital Vidya’s workshops are mainly p2targeted at marketing professionals,PROs, product managers, web manag-ers, senior executives, entrepreneurs p3and content teams. While most of theworkshops are conducted by eitherChopra or Nakra, occasionally they p4call in external trainers. Twitter ex-perts Shrinath Navghane and NikhilKumar Verma have chaired a few ses- p5sions. Digital Vidya presently employs10 people. p6What do you learn p7Participants are taught about the sig-nificance of social/digital media for The Digital Vidya teammarketing, how to strategise, plan and p8execute campaigns successfully andbecome a pro. “The workshop was veryinformative and interactive. The train- without engagement does not produce p9ers answered all our questions in detail Know the trainers results. Companies need to understandand made the concept clear,” says 26-year-old Akshat Mathur, senior plan- Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra graduated in BTech from IIT-Delhi (1995-1999). While this,” says Nakra. p10ning manager, Madison India. “Since I Chopra worked in TCS for a year, Nakra was with Kizna, a Japanese start-up before the Remunerationam with a digital marketing agency, Ineed to have a basic understanding of entrepreneur bug bit the duo. In 2000, they started Whizlabs Software. “My only aim then was to start something different. Luckily the change in the exam pattern of Sun Freshers with good writing skills can p11how the medium works. After the work- Microsystems helped us become a leader in the IT prep domain,” says Chopra. earn `15,000 monthly. Veterans canshop, I’m able to convince our clients to In fact Whizlabs proved to be the foundation for their foray into internet market- hope to earn as high as `1 lakh per p12invest in online marketing.” ing. “This is where we learned all our digital skills. We were forced to sell our products month. But how does one find employ- Jiveshdeep Singh Sandhu, deputy online,” recalls Chopra. “Since no one was buying our e-learning programme for Java ment? “Jobs sites are the best places.manager-marketing, Toyota, who has certification, we posted it online. It was picked up by various discussion forums and the At the same time, before listing your p13over 10 years of experience in the field, product started selling. Even now 95 per cent of our revenue is generated outside India resume, update and expand your pres-found a positive difference after he be- ence on social media networks. Thisgan implementing the tips he picked purely through online marketing,” adds 33-year-old Nakra. Whizlabs was so successful that they could sign on top clients like CISCO without will definitely help you to understand p14up at a Digital Vidya workshop in 2010. even meeting them. In 2004, Whizlabs was given the ‘Most Innovative IT company’ the medium,” says Nakra.“The practical insights they offered award by NASSCOM. Last year it earned around $0.4 million. p15was great. Earlier we were not engag-ing with the customers in the best pos- The successful use of online marketing for Whi- dvBytes zlabs convinced the two that this is the futuresible manner. After the workshop, werevised the content we post on our so- and they decided to specialise in it — all of In April, Chopra and Nakra set up dv- Bytes. It offers social media marketing p16 their ventures are related to digital andcial pages. This significantly improved social marketing. services and caters to FMCG, e-com-our level of interactions with our cus- Early this year, during the ICC Cricket merce, tech and entertainment sectors. p17tomers,” he says. World Cup, they launched the world’s The income generated from this ven- first social network for cricket, ture is used to fund Digital Vidya.Qualities of a good Chopra describes it as “a place where While the forecast is bright for social p18 people have fun with each other around media managers, at the moment themarketeer field is in its infancy. Just 5 per cent ofThe only way to excel in marketing, a sport”. The website has over 3,000 members. Despite a successful launch, the the ads are digital. Brand building is p19says Nakra, is to “participate as a peer, duo is planning to rebrand in order still largely done on other media. “Onlyfocus on the target groups’ needs rath-er than your business objectives, be to attract a wider audience. They also founded OM Careers and few internet-based businesses exclu- sively use the digital world. However, p20authentic, disciplined with your post- OMLogic Consulting. Both specialise in online contribution of the digital for buildingings on social networks and focus onengagement more than acquisition”. marketing — Careers works as a network- ing-cum-training platform and Logic offers and promoting a brand is increasing given the number of people present on p21 marketing services. this medium,” says Chopra.Challenges Despite contrasting working styles — Chopra is more into the details and The duo’s future plans include ex- panding the workshops to new geogra- p22As it is a relatively new field — only Nakra prefers to look at the overall phies, continuously increasing custom-two-three years old, people are skepti- picture — the two have stuck on er delight and scaling up dvBytes ■ p23cal and new performance metrics need since college. “We were friends in — nithya@newindianexpress.comto be evolved. “Connecting business college and our desires matched.objectives with the needs of the target We also have a mutual respect p24group is a must to create an engag- for each other’s calibre and that’s get in touching community. Businesses currently why we decided to do something Mail your contributionsare focusing only on community size together,” says Nakra ■ Kapil Nakra and feedback to:(fans, follows etc). But community size