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Big Data & Analytics Trends 2018


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Explore the Big Data & Analytics Trends foreseen by the industry experts for the year 2018. Find detailed trends in Big Data & Analytics industry:

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Big Data & Analytics Trends 2018

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  2. 2. SHWETA GUPTA Vice President,TechnologyVertical “Python for Data Science will continue its prominence in language-of-choice for Machine Learning and Deep Learning.”
  3. 3. BHAVUK CHAWLA Founder “2018 is increasingly going to be about ‘solely mobile’, people whose only portal to the internet is the mobile.”
  4. 4. ROHIT KUMAR Data Science Practitioner & Big Data Researcher “Your digital business needs to move towards automation now, while ML technology is developing rapidly. Machine learning algorithms learn from huge amounts of structured and unstructured data.”
  5. 5. MANI (SUBRAMANIAN MS) Head of Analytics “AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other platforms will continue to make it easier to build go-to- market/easy-to-deploy models with great UI and a host of prepackaged algorithms.”
  6. 6. DILNOOR SINGH Consulting CTO, “The Dark Data Rises: Big Companies as always will hold the leadership baton, with Facebook and Google already working overtime to define and analyze what is true news on their platform and what is false.”
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