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Digital marketing in B2B organization has become an essential mandate for Marketing organizations. A recent ITSMA report suggests:
·The most significant marketing budget change is in digital marketing, with 76% of marketers planning to increase their digital marketing budgets

·Marketers will continue to increase their content development and brand/communications budgets to support thought leadership marketing, while budget is flowing away from public trade shows, sponsorships, and traditional advertising

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B2B Digital Marketing

  1. 1. B2B Digital Marketing: Best PracticesThree Pronged Approach: Paid-Owned-Earned MediaEARNED MEDIAOWNED MEDIAPAID MEDIA
  2. 2. Key trends highlighted in the report include:• Nearly half of B2B services marketers plan to increase their budgets in 2013, with services companies morelikely to see increases rather than product and service companies• Marketers are increasing investment in technology, with lead management, social media, and web analyticson the top of the list• Marketers will continue to increase their content development and brand/communications budgets tosupport thought leadership marketing• The most significant marketing budget change is in digital marketing, with 76% of marketers planning toincrease their digital marketing budgets• In order to stay ahead of their customers, marketers need to:•Enable thought leadership selling•Readjust the online and offline marketing mix, update skills, and re-examine marketing priorities•Capitalize on marketing technologyITSMA Report: 2013 Budget Allocations and Trends
  3. 3. Marketing Challenge as Consumer Media habits Shift We live in a multi-screen economy Tough to engage with TG with fragmented attention The customer journey is dynamic Communication is real time Leading brands have already begun to integrate media
  4. 4. Paid Media Owned MediaEarned MediaCONVERGEDMEDIASponsoredAdvocatesSharedBrandContentPromotedBrandContentPromotion byAdsOrganicConversationsCorporateContentA Closer look into Each Media TypesPaid SearchVideo AdsDisplayBannersSponsorshipMobile DisplayBannersPaidContentPromotionBrandedWebsiteBrandedSocialChannelsMicro siteAndLanding pagesSEOEmailMarketingWord of MouthPress CoverageBloggers relationshipUGCinSocial MediaSocialMediaListening
  5. 5. OWNEDPAID EARNEDDrives VolumeInstructs where to amplifyHow Media types Influence and Enable each others
  6. 6. Owned Media : How to Create Compelling Corporate Content1. Build a Buyer Persona:What are the Biggest Problems they are trying to Solve?What do they need the most?What Information are they typically Searching for?What Trends are Influencing their Business or Personal Success?2. Conduct a Content Audit:3. Map Content to the Buying Cycle:Type of Content Topic Covered Buyer PersonaDate Created Downloads/Views/LeadsBuyingCycleAWARENESSRESEARCHCOMPARISONACTIONCompany website, Blogpost,Social media updates, SEOWhitepapers, Webinars,Industry reportsCase Studies, Demos,Benchmarking toolsAnalyst report, Detailinformation
  7. 7. Owned Media : Example:: GenpactAction Genpact launched it’s new positioning mid of 2012 Build collaterals, new website, Blog, and microsites using new positioningand according to their target audience persona (CFO, CPO, COO etc) Disseminate these contents/collaterals through social media, SEMResults Genpact’s collaterals download increased multiple timesSite traffic visit and blog visit increased with decent numbers Genpact gained better Share of Voice in social media
  8. 8. Paid Media : Key Imperatives1. Know your Territory:There are a lot of places to buy ads, with each site having its own strengths andweaknesses. To start with, you should understand some of the major types of paidadvertising (to be discussed in next slide)2. Create a Content led Approach:3. a) Segment content and target based on priority, business need, etc.b) Drive traffic to the **landing page /Microsite /website, where the content isavailable via download. ** Use A/B testing, incorporate clear Call to Action.3. Continually analyze results to hone future communications:a) Review results regularly.b) Plan your budget accordingly for the long haul.Display AdGoogle AdwordsLinkedIn banner AdSponsoredtweetsSponsorshipRetargetingContentSyndication
  9. 9. Paid Media : Planned Channel MixConnect target withrelevant content andcapture leadinformation.Reach specificaudiencesin a one-to-oneenvironment.Deliver contextualrelevance and driveengagement.Capture immediatedemand in market andcapture lead.Role TacticsWhitepaper downloadsOnline webinarsCost per lead buysDirect Publishers List BuysNewsletter SponsorshipRich Media EmailTarget relevant publishersRe-targeting off micro-siteAudience BuyingTargeted KeywordsContextual Text AdsMobile SearchPaidSearchDisplayBannersEmailContentSyndication
  10. 10. Earned Media : Enable others to Tell your Story1. Identify the Evangelist: Six types of EvangelistsIBM Mainframe: The art to sell Video series entertainsConsumers, spread virally. Practical perspective for the Midsize Businesses GE Transformers apps proves vey usefulto Eng communityIBM Mainframe: Entertain IBM SMB: Inform and EducateGE: Provides Utility2. Create a Social Object: Identify the passion among your Evangelists. Ex: sharedcause, interest and unique product offerings etc and createa theme or story that are worth sharing.Present or PotentialEvangelistsPresent orPastCustomeror ProspectEndCustomerAnalyst orInfluencersPartnerEmployeesEnthusiasts
  11. 11. Earned Media : Enable others to Tell your Story3. Empower Evangelists to tell your story: BRAND-FAN-ADVOCATES stages need scale.Consumer Generated ContentConversationCollaborationCommunityCollective IntelligenceEase of ImplementationEasy DifficultEase ofUnderstandingVisibleInvisible5 Core SocialDynamicsConsumerGenerated ContentConversation Collaboration Community CollectiveIntelligenceTools YouTube, Slideshare,Blog, Flickr, scribdTwitter, LinkedIn,facebookSalesforce,SocialTextJive, LithiumDell Journey ofempoweringEvangelistsDell blogs acrosstheir offerings toeducate and enablepeople to postcontentDell small businessfacebook pagestructured for socialmedia resources.More than 60K FanDell supportcommunity toincrease customersatisfaction anddrive down supportcostDell Tech center. Acommunity aroundIT and technicalsolutionsDell Ideastorm: Auser drivencommunity to listento customer’s ideaon productdevelopment
  12. 12. Earned Media : Example :: Intel Tablet Smart Squad ProgramThe company paid influencers toshare contentAcross theirnetworks121Pieces of content created byinfluencers9,314Average actions per pieceof content1.1mSocial interactions24Influencers commissioned tocreate contentHow Intel paid Influencers to ignite earned, and drive traffic back to ownedLesson Learned Influencers tell a better story, enable them to do so. Use Influencers with every Program Listen to Influencers Social scale comes with Technology
  13. 13. Intel’s iQ Social Publishing an industry first for curate content that is grabbingIntel’s collective attention.13The iQ experience is comprised around socialalgorithms that curate content shared by Intelemployees as well as owned and industry content. It isthen filtered through a touch design based on theinsights generated through all data in aggregate.Converged Media (Paid-Owned-Earned Media) : Example :: Intel’s IQ
  14. 14. Use analytics to accurately reflect the Dynamic Customer Journey14Traditional Attribution Model Dynamic Attribution ModelRecommended Analytics ToolsPurpose ToolsWeb visitorbehaviorGoogle analytics,Compete, Omniture,Social MediaListeningRadian6Account specificTargetingDemand base,LeadformixMarketingAutomation &Analytics toolHubspot, EloquaCampaign Tracking Hubspot, Marketo,Eloqua, Leadformix
  15. 15. Execution Workflow: Coordination Paid-Owned-EarnedReporting andAnalysisContent strategyPublication acrossall ChannelsEngagementAmplificationPaid-Earned-OwnedRestructuringReal TimeMeasurement& IterationReporting &Analysis InvestigatePaid-Earned-Owned activities Listen andobserve Listen toCompetitorsContent Strategy Assess Contentstrategy-Persona,Segment, Buyingcycles, sourceinformation What messagerepresents,reflects andspeaks for theBrand.Publication acrossall channels Executecontents acrossall channels. Internalreadiness,Governance,tools to supportpublicationsEngagement Must identifywhere and whatinfluencers aretalking. Take part inongoingdiscussion withinfluencers andposition contentcontextually.Amplification Leverageconverged mediato influence andamplify Paid-owned-earnedmedia. Explore Paid adsto promoteOwned andEarned.Restructuring Messaging mustchange andevolve in realtime to meet theneeds. Leverage toolsto customercollaboration andinvolve them.
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