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Ace The 2018 Digital Marketing Game


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A webinar where you will learn which digital marketing channels are creating an impact and working the best across industries. Uncover industry trends and get a view of what are the major challenges that marketers like you anticipate in the coming year and recommendations for a successful digital marketing 2018 ahead.

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Ace The 2018 Digital Marketing Game

  1. 1. #Digital2018 Ace the 2018 Digital Marketing Game © 2017-2018
  2. 2. Annual Industry Research Report State of Online Marketing in India #Digital2018
  3. 3. Research Team
  4. 4. About Octane Research #Digital2018 Octane Research has established itself as the definitive research authority in India on how marketers and consumers are engaging through digital channels like Social Media, Email Marketing, Search, Mobile, SMS and the Web Analyzing data from hundreds of sources and running into billions of touch points every year (in India alone), Octane Research provides rich insights and the perfect context for India Marketers to move towards smart strategic planning, tactical decision-making and increasing business effectiveness for their digital campaigns. To have a look at the entire range of work undertaken by Octane Research, please visit Associate Research Partners 2018:
  5. 5. About ValueFirst, We empower 4Bn interactions per month and offer the following: •Communication Platform as a Service : Cloud based platform/APIs for SMS, Email, Voice, Authentication & Data •Cross Channel Communication Platform : Marketing automation platform integrating channels of SMS, Email, Voice and Social Media •AI Driven Conversation Platform : Build, host and manage intelligent Natural Language Processing enabled Bots Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is a B2B company connecting enterprises to consumers, enabling intelligent conversations across channels Octane was acquired by ValueFirst in April 2017 and is a subsidiary thereof. #Digital2018
  6. 6. How are we different? Indian MNC with a whopping 4Bn Interactions per month across platforms 1500+ enterprise customers over a wide segment base serviced By 300+ mavericks Passionate presence across India, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal and Europe Direct operator connectivity (Zero-hop) in India, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, UK and Thailand Dedicated bandwidth with stringent SLAs for critical notifications across operators and 150 dedicated servers in India and US Established association with the Government and empowering the Digital India dream by enabling Intelligent conversations across channels
  7. 7. The Speaker #Digital2018 Punit Modhgil CMO ValueFirst Digital Media • Leadership roles in marketing & tech industry including Microsoft, Oracle, Siebel Systems, Talisma, NIIT etc. • 3 startups, 2 success Email: Twitter: @modhgil #Digital2018
  8. 8. Digital Vidya Special #Digital2018 • Report download link: • Special for Digital Vidya fans: • Email me your full name, job title, complete office postal mailing address and we will ship you a print copy (worth USD 399) anywhere in India • Valid till 10th Feb 2018 Email: #Digital2018
  9. 9. What are we covering in this webinar? • Key asks from marketers • Research overview • Highlights • Research insights • Recommendations • Questions
  10. 10. Key asks from marketers #Digital2018 • Modern day digital marketing budget overview • Marketing channels generating high revenue impact on business • Preferred attribution models for calculating ROI • Content marketing strategies that help marketers achieve their marketing goals • The new tech areas India marketers plan to invest in the coming financial year • Top challenges that marketers anticipate facing in the coming year #Digital2018
  11. 11. Top Highlights #Digital2018 1. Customer Acquisition and Engagement Customer acquisition remains the primary marketing goal for (70%) India Marketers in 2018. Social Media updates (50%) and Email marketing (31%) were deemed the most engaging channels. 2. Top Marketing Activities for 2018 (69%) B2B marketers vote website based marketing as their primary e-marketing activity, while for (76%) B2C marketers Social Media marketing remains the most preferred form of digital marketing. 3. Digital Channel delivering the Best ROI Email Marketing (28%) was deemed the best performing digital marketing channel guaranteeing the highest ROI for each 1 rupee invested, followed closely by Paid Search (24%). 4. Calculating ROI Email Marketing (28%) was deemed the best performing digital marketing channel guaranteeing the highest ROI for each 1 rupee invested, followed closely by Paid Search (24%).
  12. 12. Top Highlights #Digital2018 5. Content Marketing (70%) India Marketers use content marketing as an effective medium to get more visibility to the brand while (54%) leverage it to engage newer audiences. Social Media updates (70%) and Blogs & newsletters (66%) were the most popular form of content deployment initiatives. 6. Increase in Digital Marketing investment in 2018 Eying a massive opportunity in Social channels, (64%) of India Marketers are willing to allocate a higher budget share to Social Media Marketing while (55%) intend to increase their spend on the Website development/ Update in the coming year. 7. Outlook for Future Technologies Cross Channel automation platforms, Big Data analysis and Chatbots are the three most promising marketing technologies for the India Marketer in 2018. 8. Challenges for 2018 Justifying revenue impact of high Social Media spends and proving ROI on Digital Marketing are the top challenges for the India Marketer in the coming year.
  13. 13. Research Overview #Digital2018 350+ CXO level India marketers across industries like:
  14. 14. Participants’ Profile #Digital2018
  15. 15. Participants’ Profile: #Digital2018
  16. 16. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Primary Marketing Goal for 2018:
  17. 17. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Top Three Primary Marketing Activities in 2017:
  18. 18. Research Insights: Email Marketing #Digital2018 Top three Primary Marketing Activities:
  19. 19. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Industry Preference for Digital Channel:
  20. 20. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Digital Marketing Budget 2017:
  21. 21. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Online Marketing Budget Increase for 2018: 46% say increase of over 11%
  22. 22. Research Insights: Trends #Digital2018 Increase in Marketing Investment 2018:
  23. 23. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Digital Marketing Channel generating the Best ROI:
  24. 24. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Modern day Marketing Challenges (2018):
  25. 25. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Attribution models for measuring ROI:
  26. 26. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Challenges in Click Attribution:
  27. 27. Research Insights: Trends #Digital2018 Maximising Customer Engagement in 2018:
  28. 28. Research Insights: Trends #Digital2018 Effective Content Marketing tools:
  29. 29. Research Insights: Trends #Digital2018 Tracking campaign success:
  30. 30. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Scaling up engagement:
  31. 31. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Why Social Media? Effect of social Media on Marketing efforts:
  32. 32. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Digital Marketing activities likely to increase in 2018:
  33. 33. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Content is King:
  34. 34. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Effective Content Marketing tools:
  35. 35. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Outlook on New Technologies for 2018:
  36. 36. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 How can AI & Bots help marketing:
  37. 37. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Best use of AI enabled chatbots:
  38. 38. Research Insights: Digital Marketing #Digital2018 Crucial skills to be Effective Marketer:
  39. 39. Research Insights: Email Marketing #Digital2018 What were your email marketing Challenges in 2017:
  40. 40. Research Insights: Email Marketing #Digital2018 Email Marketing Effectiveness:
  41. 41. Research Insights: Email Marketing #Digital2018 Special programs to engage customers:
  42. 42. Research Insights: Email Marketing #Digital2018 Reducing Spam Complaints and Index Clutter:
  43. 43. Thank you for your participation . . . © 2017-2018 VALUEFIRST DIGITAL MEDIA PVT. LTD. B-18, Infocity 1, Sector-34, Gurugram 122001, Haryana, India Tel: +91 124 4632000 Email: Other Offices: India, U.A.E., Bangladesh, Nepal, Europe & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Let’s continue our conversation… #Digital2018