Fiverr - Best Outsourcing Review


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“Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0" - The absolute BEST resource for finding COMPETENT, budget priced people to do the tasks you don't want to - or can't - do yourself.

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Fiverr - Best Outsourcing Review

  1. 1. ==== ====“Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0" - The absolute BEST resource for finding COMPETENT, budgetpriced people to do the tasks you dont want to - or cant - do yourself. is a huge online marketplace where thousands of people trade their products orservices for $5 - thats why its called Fiverr. Many people go to this site hoping to outsource sometasks related to their websites such as link building, webpage design, WP install, etc, for a veryaffordable price, of course because everything is sold for only 5 bucks!!Not only website related products/services, but you can also find various different products/servicesince there is almost no limitation, just use your imagination, and if you find something that youthink could attract peoples interest then you can sell it there! It doesnt have to be somethingserious or difficult, as long as you think that its something you can sell then you can sell it. Ifsomeone can sell a video of himself dancing in a hotdog suit for whatever song you want THATMEANS YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING - this is true, Im not kidding that gig is real and that videosells like hot cakes!!The success of Fiverr has drawn interest for other sites to follow its footsteps, and now there areso many sites on the internet offering the same service. Gickbucks, Tenbux, Dealerr and Uphypeare some of them. Not exactly like Fiverr, in these similar sites usually you can offerproducts/services for more than $5.With the growing of such online marketplace, we can see a business opportunity here. Now youdont have to be an expert in networking or becoming an internet geek to earn some extraearnings from the internet. Internet newbies who have been struggling to get extra income onlinewithout any results now have a great opportunity to make big bucks.Big bucks? Is it possible from this $5/gig marketplace? Of course! If you can get a decent incomefrom a $0.10 per click AdSense what makes you think you cannot make good money from a $5/gigmarketplace? Everything has its own way towards glory, if you really know what to do then$100/day from these sites is not an impossible thing to achieve.The first thing that you need to do is to find a product/service to sell, which could be anything.According to my experience, there are two kinds of hot selling products in these marketplaces.First are website related products/services, like backlinks, design, installing, content creation, etc.Second are fun products, like dancing in a hotdog suit, happy birthday singing, funny videos, thatkind of stuffs you get the idea.When you already have a product/service then like any other online money making methods youllneed a good amount of traffic. One of the best ways to get traffic to your gig is from within the siteitself. Lets say youre posting a service on Fiverr, on this site theres a feature where people canpost their desired products/services (under Request Gigs section on the lower right of the screen),
  2. 2. in other words people can post a request for a product/service they wish to buy, and Im talkingabout potential buyers here.These are the people that we know willing to spend money on Fiverr to buy products or services,so if you can bring them to your gig then you will have targeted traffic. What you need to do iscontact these people from that "Request Gigs" section and ask a little detail about whatever theirrequest is, but the important part is you put your gig URL under your message (on Fiverr bare URLin message is clickable) then after you ask them a question about their request you can say"meanwhile perhaps you would like to have a look of my existing gig, I have an interesting offerthere, just click on the link below to find out". Just be polite and do this for an hour or twoeveryday, I guarantee your gigs will get enough exposure.I still have many "secrets" about maximizing your profits from these marketplaces that Id love toshare with you including how you can create a hot selling product even outside of your expertisearea, believe me its a lot easier than you think, just visit my Fiverr Money Secrets article to findout.Checkout my exact method for Making Money On FiverrArticle Source: ====“Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0" - The absolute BEST resource for finding COMPETENT, budgetpriced people to do the tasks you dont want to - or cant - do yourself. ====