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MP09Digital-digital advertising and marketing company delivers concepts through interactive designs, influence the social market and manage online reputation.

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Mp09 digital services

  1. 1. SERVICESBranding and AdvertisementInteractive Design and DevelopmentSocial Influence MarketingOnline Reputation ManagementSearch Engine OptimizationEmerging MediaEmailers and eCRMSearch Engine MarketingDesigning and Development
  2. 2. Branding andOnline branding involves Advertisementamalgamation of Internet marketingstrategies used together, includingsearch marketing, social media,online PR and SEO to make all thedifference. From contextual ads tobanner advertising, we know howand where to find your customersfor a targeted campaign. Ourrecommendations vary based on“Your” Brands market Reach. Totap into the potential of onlinebranding, we do more than justadvertise. We Devise an integratedonline branding strategy tailored toyour BRANDS needs.
  3. 3. Interactive Design and DevelopmentOur designs incorporates mostor all of basic and advanceddisciplines to positively impactthe overall experience a personhas with a particular interactivesystem, and its provider. Wefocus heavily on „userexperience‟ & „userexpectations‟ combined withcreatively directed designs tocommunicate the brandsoffering clearly & crisply.
  4. 4. The mission of MP09 Digital Social Influenceis to help our clients improve Marketingtheir business position andgain value from their digitalinvestments. Our Specializedteam in Social mediadedicated commits tocreating a effective andefficient strategy. Providingexceptional value, drivingincremental value, generatingROI, protecting online buzz,attending to negativeopinions, increase marketshare and buildingawareness.
  5. 5. If the prospective Internet audience Online Reputationwere to search your Brand/companyand see a number of negative reviews Managementor blog posts in the search resultsalongside your website, it can havean impact on your sales, branding andthe click through rate drastically.Your online „buzz‟ is where mostpeople will learn more about youbefore deciding whether to engagewith your company, product orservice. Maintaining your name withonline reputation management is animportant strategy for your success.We make sure to refurbish the page-one results. This strengthens yourbrand and increases positive buzz in-turn avoiding potential issues.
  6. 6. Every brand intends to be on page Search Engineone in Google and its one spot thatjust can‟t be bought. It‟s for this Optimizationreason that SEO can be verycompetitive, but for mostbusinesses it‟s well worth theeffort. If you‟re not experiencingfirst page results, chances aresome of your competition is.Search engine optimization, orSEO, is the way to get yourcompany in front of yourcustomers while they‟re in buyingmode. With MP09 Digital‟s SEOapproach, we can help yourcompany reach top rankings andexperience qualified traffic towebsite.
  7. 7. Emerging MediaWith the changing world weare seeing new forms ofmedia emerging everyday.Right from choosing the TVaudience on SAT TV‟s toInnovative Talking adsOnline. We will make sureto utilize every form ofmedia where “your TG” ispresent. Bluetooth Burst,QR codes, BluFi& OOHMedia.
  8. 8. Emailers and eCRMDirect marketing campaigns areone of the most effective ways toadvertise your business topotential customers. ElectronicDirect Mailers are one of theeffective tools to get thatmarketing campaign going. Ontop of designing your mailers,MP09Digital provides theservice of blasting out thoseElectronic Mailers on yourbehalf, thus making us a one stopin direct marketing needs.
  9. 9. Search EngineSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) Marketingaccounts for less volume thannatural organic rankings, itsnotably faster to implement andmeasure a return. Pay Per Clickadvertising can quickly increasethe amount of potentialcustomers to visit your website.Based on a bidding system forsearch phrases, it can beextremely competitive and thenovice can quickly burn throughtheir budget if little return. Werecommend recommended thatan Internet Marketing Strategyshould include both SEO andSearch
  10. 10. Designing andWeb Design :A quality website design ensures Developmentyour website a prominent place in the highlycompetitive online business industry.Web Programming : We have years ofexperience in ASP.NET, PHP, ASP, and otherprogramming languages with highly customizedand interactive programming solutions to suityour online business needs.Graphic Design : We offer you intuitive,attractive and efficient designs that maintain acrisp clarity along aesthetic lines.Content Writing: Good content can make orbreak your site. Our experienced content writersoffer SEO friendly, professional content that helpimprove your site´s overall quality.
  11. 11. Connect With UsReach Us:MP09 Digital Pvt. Ltd.5th floor, Malhar Mega Mall, A BRoad, Indore [M.P.]Call us:98260209800731-3194141Email us: info@mp09digital.comhttp://www.mp09digital.com