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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Publish
  2. 2. Publish: Outline Legally, I am a publisher, what responsibilities come with that? How do I protect my work and allow others to use it at the same time? How much of another work can I borrow and call it my own? What is Open Access (OA) publishing? Is Open Access the right choice for publishing my work?
  3. 3. Publish Web publishers are responsible for all of the content that goes up on their site If you post on-line through your own hosted site or social networking tool, you are a publisher
  4. 4. Publish (click to view) Taken from YouTube
  5. 5. Publish: Open Access – Stevan Harnad’s DefinitionAccess to full text of all refereed researchjournal articles that is: Immediate Permament Free
  6. 6. Publish: Open Access – Peter Suber’s Definition Putting peer-reviewed scientific, scholarly literature on internet Available free of charge Free of most copyright and licensing restrictions Removes barriers to serious research
  7. 7. Publish: Dr. Anita Palepu (click to view) Taken from YouTube
  8. 8. Publish: Strategies Discuss and consult your publishing options Open-Access journal publish advantages – Fast turn-around – High impact – Equal access for all – Accelerated research – More accessible – Give back
  9. 9. What’s your digital tattoo?
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