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The most common failures of digital marketing agencies


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By now, most established businesses have experienced some digital marketing success and failure. Given all the hype around digital marketing, it comes as a surprise when most campaigns fail to live up to expectations. Digital marketing campaigns fail for any number of reasons. Sometimes the strategy was flawed, sometimes agencies over-sell their capabilities. In other cases, it was a failure of the two organizations working effectively together. Check out the causes of digital marketing failure, and how you can avoid them. Info:

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The most common failures of digital marketing agencies

  1. 1. The most common failures of digital marketing agencies Constant innovation. Ability to adapt. High Growth. Results oriented. These are a few of phrases off on an infinite list of items agencies use to describe themselves. Trying to uphold all these claims, digital marketing agencies have found themselves running into some roadblocks. Do you remember when Google AdWords became a thing 15 years ago? U de ia ly, it is still uite popula , yet, it’s looked at as a t aditio al ethod of online advertising by most online marketers. Digital marketing agencies now have
  2. 2. to do much more than know how to build a successful Google AdWords campaign. The evolution of digital marketing agencies Only a few years ago throwing some money at an agency to run your AdWords, do some SEO work, and operate your social media profiles was the name of the ga e. It as a si ple ti e, a d fo so e o pa ies, that’s still thei o ly services. However, the e is o e ph ase listed a o e that’s o e i po ta t than the others. It’s ot a ph ase used fo sho , i stead, it eally ea s so ethi g. Ha i g the ability to adapt ea s lea i g new fundamentals like inbound marketing strategies, watching for emerging trends like the Meerkat App for live video, game-changing platforms like Snapchat, discovering new ways to build a website, or experimenting with small changes on current platforms like Facebook uy utto s which could mean huge things. Sure, not adapting leads to failure. But why? The biggest reason are:  Not knowing how or what steps to take to begin  Feeli g like the u e t st ategy is good e ough  The idea that your p o ess should ’t e essed ith  No leading entity or person to spearhead initiatives into new territory  Of course, large corporate silos
  3. 3. These are only the tip of the iceberg, or maybe more accurately, the fundamental issues. Even if a digital marketing agency has none of the above to worry about, finding success for clients by outsourcing online services is much easier said than done. A d this is e ause he it eally o es do to it, the e’s e e o e right way to sol e a p o le fo a y t o lie ts. “o gua a teei g success upfront is a classic way to get some quick money in your pocket, but will always lead to angry customers and eventually, a failed business. And overpromising and under delivering is something marketers have by and large perfected over the years. As Gary Vaynerchuk would put it: So, what it really comes down to is this: being successful is dependent the adaption to how marketers have screwed things up. I o i , is ’t it.
  4. 4. But the best part is, the road to not screwing things up begins with simply being natural. As stated by Pat Frend from Razorfish, “u essful a keti g these days’ sta ts ith so ial fi st, a d it's eally got to fit atu ally i to people's eha io s… T yi g to th ead the eedle to eate something that stands out in people's personal digital spaces, that's where the real magic happens." Again, this is where all the modern emerging trends come in. Not being ready is not an option. Image: