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Are today’s SMBs ready for cyberattacks?


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Less than two in five SMB IT decision makers surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia believe their organizations are completely ready to manage IT security and protect against threats.

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Are today’s SMBs ready for cyberattacks?

  1. 1. Are today’s SMBs ready for cyberattacks? It’s almost impossible to not hear about the famous security breaches that have been occurring over the past couple of years. Sure, we know now that IT security is something that companies have been sorely failing at. But now that the word is clearly out, how many companies in our world are actually prepared? To answer this, an in-depth study of 700 small to medium sized business was done by Webroot. When they asked How is your security managed? this was the result.
  2. 2. La k of IT se urit skills are learl still a dau ti g issue for “MB’s. Notably, 8% of companies have no specific skills in IT security. However, this is e pe ted. Most alar i g is the fa t that % of “MB’s are handing over their IT security needs to employees whom are not purely IT security professionals. Does this mean that 32% of “MB’s o ’t e a le to ha dle a targeted ha ki g atta k? Well, let’s see. When Webroot asked these 700 companies if they felt ready to handle a hacking attack-
  3. 3. Although the percentage of companies that have no dedicated-full time IT professionals working for them is 40%, the percentage of companies that are not completely prepared for an attack is 63%. This exposes a rather alarming tendency. Companies do not seem to feel prepared for an attack unless they have a dedicated team either in house or in a managed security provider working directly on their behalf to handle IT security needs. This tendency goes hand in hand with the fact that 56% percent of “MB’s spe d less tha 1 hours o IT se urity i e ery o th period. That’s right, the ajorit of s all to ediu sized usi esses only spend 2 days out of every 132 business days on IT security. Surprised? Likewise. Less than 17 hours is far from what it takes to be confident that ou’re safe fro a atta k. I these ases it’s likel that IT security has widely taken the back seat to the other IT tasks that companies are responsible for.
  4. 4. To discover if this hypothesis was true, Webroot asked them one final question: Would outsourcing your cybersecurity improve your ability to address other critical areas of your business? To which 81% agreed. This time, we are ’t surprised. As predi ted, o pa ies see to k o hat the should e doi g ut ait o pulli g the trigger u til the ’ e been damaged. U fortu atel “MB’s ge erall thi k this is the a it has to be because they cannot afford a large enterprise-sized team that big corporations can. With erse urit te h olog rapidl ad a i g, this is ’t the a it has to be anymore. By using managed security provider outsourcing with a targeted strategy for handling o li e erse urit , “MB’s do ot ha e to pa nearly what larger corporations do to have the same level of protection. But there is much more to what a managed security service provider can do that just what you read in this article. Fi d out ore a out hat is possi le ith today’s y erse urity technology here. Image credit: