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5 Tips to Avoid Cyber Attacks in the Media and Broadcasting Industry


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Understand the threats to the media and broadcast industry. Get the full report here:

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5 Tips to Avoid Cyber Attacks in the Media and Broadcasting Industry

  1. 1. 1 5 Tips to Avoid Cyber Attacks in the Media and Broadcasting Industry To learn more, download our full report: Shooting the Messenger: Understanding the Threats to the Media and Broadcasting Industry. 1. Monitor the social media accounts of relevant hacktivist campaigns. This will allow you to prioritize your remediation efforts. Ensure you have regular backups in place and that staff members are appropriately trained to identify and report potential spam emails. 2. Monitor for the latest Internet Explorer and Flash vulnerabilities and ensure your site is patched. 3. Monitor for the registration of typosquatted domains. 4. Understand which ransomware variants are targeting your industry, which delivery methods are most popular, and the CVEs they target. 5. Proactively monitor for credential dumps relevant to your organization’s accounts. This can help detect if your organization has been included in a target list. Try to ascertain the tools used by the associated actors, as well as their credibility, enabling you to better prioritize your defenses. A failure to do so can leave visitors exposed to malvertising and have consequences to your reputation. Make efforts to take these domains down before they develop into a threat to your readers. Consider additional monitoring for your high value target’s (e.g.: executives) non- enterprise accounts. Ensure that you have an emergency password reset process in place.
  2. 2. 2 About Digital Shadows Digital Shadows provides insight into an organization’s external digital risks and the threat actors targeting them. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service combines scalable data analytics with human analysts to monitor for cyber threats, data leakage, and reputation risks. Digital Shadows continually monitors the Internet across the visible, deep and dark web, as well as other online sources to create an up-to-the minute view of an organization and provide it with tailored threat intelligence. The company is jointly headquartered in London and San Francisco. For more information, visit London Level 39, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB 332 Pine Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94104 +1 (888) 889 4143San Francisco +44 (0) 203 393 7001