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2010 - founding of the
Library’s Digital Scholarship
Unit. CONTENTdm used due
to limited infrastructure
resources & gentle...
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Bye, CONTENTdm: a migration to Islandora


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Poster created for Open Repositories 2014, tracking the UTSC Library Digital Scholarship Unit's content migration project from proprietary CONTENTdm to the open source platform Islandora.

Published in: Technology
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Bye, CONTENTdm: a migration to Islandora

  1. 1. 2010 - founding of the Library’s Digital Scholarship Unit. CONTENTdm used due to limited infrastructure resources & gentle learning curve. Workflow utilizes a campus shared drive. 2013 - Collections have about 25,000 digital items (multipage manuscripts, postcards, and paintings). Local copies of files remain on shared drive. Filenames are the identifiers. 1. Metadata mapped & exported to one large DC XML doc per collection 2. Python used to normalize XML and fix errors PROCESS IS TRIAL & ERROR. EXPOSES METADATA ERRORS & INCONSISTENCIES How to migrate? New batch ingest framework can be run on server using drush. Requires matching filename & xml file, as well as specialized directory structure for books 3. XSL transforms DC to MODS, splits file, names file to match .tiff images. 4. Python used to package .tiffs and metadata for book solution pack. Bye Bye, ContentDM! a migration to Islandora The Digital Scholarship Unit (DSU): • Part of the University of Toronto Scarborough Library • Formed in 2010 to create unique digital collections and collaborate with faculty using emerging digitally-mediated research practices • Services include: creation and stewardship of collections, digital research methodology, instruction in digital tools for undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty Lingling Jiang Applications Developer Kim Pham Special Project Developer Sara Allain Special Collections Librarian Paulina Rousseau Digital Scholarship Librarian Kirsta Stapelfeldt Coordinator 3 FTE Librarians • Project Management & Instruction 1 FTE Applications Programmer • Liaise with IITS - develop & maintain systems/apps Casual & Student staff • Digitization & processing IITS (Information & Instructional Technology Services) consists of multiple coordinated units that serve the UTSC library & community Proud hosts of DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP UNIT Why Islandora? Consistent with other UofT campuses; share expertise & infrastructure; campus website infrastructure is Drupal; multisite option is attractive Next step... streaming server! Migration project: • Begun January 2014 • 25,000 objects in CONTENTdm - metadata exported by practicum student Ned Struthers using CONTENTdm’s metadata mapping and export tools • CONTENTdm also makes available API utilities for directly downloading images from its system - GetFile call can be easily authored for multiple objects in any spreadsheet software • Decided to let Islandora recreate derivatives from locally maintained .tiff files, rather than pulling image files directly from ContentDM University of Toronto’s digital collections platform 7.x-1.3 fedora server drupal multisite application server staging server