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The Top 5 for Middle School Success 2013


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Wanting to know you matter to someone is more than just a request for recognition; it is a desire and quest for significance. We don’t want to know we matter; we need to know.

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The Top 5 for Middle School Success 2013

  1. 1. Dodge city middle school is a place for transition. Our goal is to ensure that every student is ready for high school. Dodge City Middle School
  2. 2. The two most important words The Power is There
  3. 3. We need to know.
  4. 4. World is waiting on your contributions Each and every one of you is a genius
  5. 5. Dodge City Middle School “GO CARDINALS” “LOOK SHARP” “GET INVOLVED”
  6. 6. G = Goals O = Organized Cardinals = Caring L = Looking Sharp Good = Get Involved Go Cardinals Looking Good
  7. 7. Dodge City Middle School
  8. 8. Writing the goal down will help you to realize what it will take to reach it. Listing your obstacles. Identify individuals or groups you will need to work with. Find ways to obtain the skills you will need. Every Student Sets a Goal
  9. 9. Dodge City Middle School
  10. 10. Three Ring Zipper Binder Learn Note Taking Skills Keep A Student Agenda Things That Work
  11. 11. Dodge City Middle School
  12. 12. Caring is important by building relationships Dodge City Middle School is a supportive environment where everyone works together to ensure success. We build safety nets to help students succeed Your Advisory Teacher
  13. 13. Teasing leads to bullying Tell them to stop Keep walking Report it WHAT DOES NOT WORK Do not ignore it Trying to handle it We work to prevent bullying
  14. 14. Dodge City Middle School
  15. 15. Every student is a member of our community Represent Dodge City Represent Dodge City Middle School Pride in Self
  16. 16. Dodge City Middle School
  17. 17. If a student get’s involved then they have something to look forward to every day They make better grades in school There are no Excuses