Larry Bouthillier - September 2012


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"Video at Harvard"

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Larry Bouthillier - September 2012

  1. 1. HUIT Digital Video Services• What’s happening with video at Harvard• What services do we support today• How can we do better: future vision
  2. 2. Digital Video Services Explosive growth in video use across HarvardField video recordings for Classroom recordings Commencement & Public Events research & teaching Each term, Harvard creates over 18,000 hours of video: 20x the size of the Library of Congress collection 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 MAR 09 MAR 10 MAR 11 JUL 08 NOV 08 JUL 09 NOV 09 JUL 10 NOV 10 JUL 11 NOV 11 FEB 08 Explosive Growth Student Assignments Catalog of Digital Information 2 (Videos Published to iSites)
  3. 3. Present State: Every School is Involved • Harvard is producing over 18K hours of video semester • 30% of course iSites contain video (2010) • 420+ courses are recorded across Harvard • Nearly 2K faculty & students uploaded >5K videos in AY2010 Course Video Production (hours, by school)600050004000300020001000 0 HBS HKS HMS HSPH DCE FAS HLS GSE 3
  4. 4. Present State: Explosive Growth30000 Videos Published to iSites250002000015000 User-generated video uploads10000 All videos (incl Lecture, High Quality Production, You 5000 Tube) 0 JAN 09 JAN 10 JAN 11 FEB 08 JUL 08 JUL 09 JUL 10 JUL 11 MAY 08 SEP 08 NOV 08 MAY 09 SEP 09 NOV 09 MAY 10 SEP 10 NOV 10 MAY 11 SEP 11 NOV 11 MAR 09 MAR 10 MAR 11 4
  5. 5. Present State: Explosive Growth iSites with at Least One Course iSites Using Video Instance of Video Publishing 35% Tool (New Sites Per Year) 30% 2000 25% 20% 1500 15% 1000 Non-Course 10% 500 Course 5% 0% 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Harvard on iTunesU: # of Harvard YouTube - Channel Videos Views1600 1,400,0001400 1,200,0001200 1,000,0001000 800,000 800 600,000 600 400,000 400 200,000 200 0 0 Oct-10 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 Oct-11 Aug-10 Sep-10 Nov-10 Dec-10 Aug-11 Sep-11 Nov-11 Jan-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 May-11 DRAFT 5
  6. 6. Current HUIT Services• iSites Video Publishing Tool – Self-service tool for uploading and managing collections of audio and video – Secure delivery within iSites, or embed externally• Classroom/Lecture Capture Automation – Automated lecture publishing to iSites for FAS, HLS, GSE – Schools handle video capture, we handle the publishing – Matterhorn project underway to provide end-to-end capture automation and enhanced user experience (5 schools)• Video Conferencing Infrastructure – Conference Room and Classroom Telepresence – MOVI/Jabber Desktop video conferencing
  7. 7. Current HUIT Services• Live Video Streaming Service – Turnkey Web/mobile delivery w/adaptive streaming – Used by HBS, HKS, FAS, HSPH, GSE• CDN Sharing (Limelight Networks) – Direct access to CDN resources on a case-by-case basis – Used by HPAC, GSE, GSD, HDS, HKS, – On-demand Flash and mobile delivery
  8. 8. Present State: Not Meeting Harvard’s Expectations forits Intellectual AssetsHarvard understands how to use, manage and preserve its documents, historical artifacts,books, objects of art, and physical course materials. These standards for ease of access,security, pedagogy, sharing, search and archiving are not being met for video contentWhere we are… Where we need to be… DRAFT 8
  9. 9. Present State: Not Meeting User ExpectationsThe Harvard community’s expectations for accessing video – a user experience defined byplatforms such as YouTube, iTunes, LiveStream, Hulu, Skype, Netflix – are not being met.Where we are… Where we need to be… DRAFT 9
  10. 10. Digital Video ServicesThe Critical Need for Shared Infrastructure SIGNIFICANT problems and As a result, the Harvard community challenges are emerging: CAN’T:Current video support processes are Internally publish a video to a secureprimitive, manual, and labor-intensive environment Externally publish a set of research orSchools are developing local solutions academic videos to a wide audiencethat are duplicative, inadequate andsiloed Share video across schools, within schools, and with HPAC or other potential usersService quality and reliability varies Efficiently search, store, catalogue, ortremendously across Schools and Units track video, even within schools and departmentsNo effective strategy exists for Rapidly innovate in the use of videoaddressing explosive growth in content technologiesand service needsThis problem cannot be solved with local solutions – only a shared infrastructure will efficiently and effectively address current shortfalls 10
  11. 11. Vision for Digital Video Services at Harvard Capture & Processing Classroom/Lec Cisco Video Conferences ture Capture Faculty A common service offering:A Pipeline Uploads • to the schools, the technical capacity to capture and process video materialFor Creation of Student Web Meetings • for the University, a unifying processVideo Content Uploads for collecting, describing and indexing video material from all sources Special Events Content & Storage ManagementA Repository Providing the means to know what weFor Curating have, who may see it, and where itVideo Content came fromTools for embedding Deep Contextual Integration video in teaching, End-user tools allowing users forlearning & research creating, publishing, uploading, collectin g, discovering, reusing video material within their academic environment. Research School HPAC Platforms “Adapters” to school Course Sites Libraries DCE platforms, enterprise data, library YouTube/iTune U systems. 11
  12. 12. Digital Video Services What is Required for Success? A flexible video platform providing modular solutions over the entire video lifecycle Capture Process Store DeliverExamples: Examples: Examples: Examples:• Record lectures, events • Compress and encode • Store massive volume • Deliver to end user• Edit raw video raw video of video content devices • Tag and Index video • Track, search, and • Publish to anywhere: share materials LMS, Harvard Web • Move and route to sites, SharePoint, etc potential usersKey Investments: Key Investments: Key Investments: Key Investments: Tools for recording, • High-performance • Content management • Streaming video servers uploading, annotating, etc. computing platform for applications & storage Recording automation preparing video • Integration with • Viewers and apps for for classrooms • Analysis software for enterprise systems mobile and desktop Integration with video and extracting metadata • Storage hardware and • Web publishing systems web conferencing • Video encoding software software solutions Shared Video Solution Benefits Delivers a scalable, efficient and uniform platform for University-wide support of video services Provides self-service and integration support for local solutions and use Builds a critical mass of expertise 12
  13. 13. Digital Video Services Shared Infrastructure Complements Local EffortsLocal Content Library Archives / HUIT Shared InfrastructureDevelopment Preservation HPAC AAD Capture Process Store Deliver HCL Schools Faculty Students Shared video infrastructure supplies an essential part of the University-wide video ecosystem, spanning local content creation to Library preservation. 13