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Digital roundup october 2012 janell sims


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Digital roundup october 2012 janell sims

  1. 1. Politics as Theater A Shorenstein Center event October 3, 2012 | Denver, COJanell Sims, Communications Manager, ShorensteinCenterJohn Wihbey, Managing Editor, Journalist’s Resource
  2. 2. Background & Planning• Developed guest list from Meltwater• Sent email invites through MailChimp• Monitored RSVPs through MachForm• Set up Livestream site
  3. 3. Hosting and Promotion• Twitter strategy• Contingency planning for 400-500 simultaneous users• 30-second promotional video
  4. 4. Day of Event• Emailed entire list via MailChimp• Shout-outs from Harvard & HKS• Direct email to influential Twitizens• Live-tweeting and Storify
  5. 5. Analytics• 3,000 watched on Oct. 3• 300 simultaneous viewers• 10,000 additional viewers over time via iTunes & YouTube• Average viewer watched for 12 minutes
  6. 6. Thank you!Connect with the Shorenstein