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Seo best practices in 2012


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What Google did to content last year with Panda, they're gonna do to find spam links this year 2012.

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Seo best practices in 2012

  1. 1. SEO Best Practices in 2012 What Google did to content last year with Panda, theyre gonna do to find spam links this year 2012. Heres three main advanced linking tactics you can use so that your backlinking pages dont get found by Google so you dont get penalized. If your competitors do get penalized, theyll drop out of the index and youre there ready to take the their spot. 1. Rotating "partial match" anchor text The anchor text is the text people click on and theyll be brought to another page. Traditionally in SEO, people use exact match anchor text. So if you want to rank for "herbal shampoo" for example, youve to made a thousand links point ting to your site right at the index page the same keyword "herbal shampoo". This is very easy to find a weve seen many site penalized because of this. By using rotating "partial match" anchor text, you dont use your exact match keywords instead you modify and combine them. If say your keyword is "xyz", you should use "x", "y", "xz", "yx", "yz" and so on. The links should sound and look "natural". It wouldnt hurt in fact to add natural signals such as "click here", "this is the best site for", those kinds of natural signals into your links as well. Also you can use a call to action, like for example, "go herbal!", "get the best shampoo here", etc. Using these tactics, will rank your site just as high like the experiments SEOMoz for example have done. It will rank your site just as high but it will be much harder for Google to find. So dont use the same phrase anymore than 20% or 30%. the general rule of thumb is you have to have 40% on the index page and 60% to the deep linking pages. using "partial match" anchor text that would be much more natural. 2. Link Spikes Link spikes are very simple for Google to find. Say if you get 5-10 backlinks a day, and all of the sudden you get 2000 backlinks, Google monitors that up and down trend. Most of these links are devalued anyway. The big problem is that when Google see you have link spikes, that can actually get you penalized because that screams spam tactics. So how do you avoid getting penalized for links spikes? The answer is simple: dont do that. Instead of making that instant up and down trend in your backlinks instead you should invest more on how to have a slow gradual build on your backlinks. How many links should you build? For example you have 10 pages, that should have 30 unique visits equivalent to 150 to 300 links maximum per month. Less than 1 year old sites should never exceed this formula. That way you have slow increment and you dont all of a sudden 5000 links a month that Google can tell no one is going to and everyone is clicking away from. Theyre using machine-learning in their algorithmsDigital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast
  2. 2. now so theyre looking for correlations and in this case correlation becomes causation because if they can see three or more links spikes from your site, thats immediate penalty. 3. Panda spam" flag Theyre continuing the Panda algorithm this year to keep finding backlink pages that are spammy and theyll remove them from your backlink profile. Its already in effect as weve seen some sites getting their backlinking pages removed from the index. What you should watch out are spam professional text and duplicate content. We can avoid our backlinking pages removed out of the index, by making sure that the text thats on it is at least above 50 out of 100. Check spelling and grammar at Also make that if your making a spinning software, or getting it written by somebody else, check the final version at copyscape and make sure that its at least 50% or 60% unique. Why would you want to do this? Because if you have 100 backlinks and 40 of them gets spam- flagged you can also by danger get a spam-flagged to your main site as well. You will notice that your Page Rank is getting "Unranked" after a toolbar update or you may not notice it right away. Theres two other ways to test if your site has been penalized. The first is by searching for your URL in Google. A site should always rank number one for its URL. If it doesnt you probably have some kind of a penalty. Also check for your title for you index page and see if where you show up in Google. If your title tag is unique enough and youre in a competitive market, you should show up at least in the top 50 spots. If you dont show up for your own unique title tag, the whole text even with quotations as well, to be sure, then its more that likely thats some kind of penalty going on. For now, dont get the penalty because if you have it, its likely difficult to get rid of that reputation. If you want to avoid your site being penalized, follow these best practices.Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast