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How to get more results and have more fun with social media


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Today we’re gonna talk about one of my most favorite topics in the whole wide world and that is Social Media.

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How to get more results and have more fun with social media

  1. 1. How to Get More Results and Have More Fun with Social Media Today we’re gonna talk about one of my most favorite topics in the whole wide world and that is Social Media. More importantly, how to have more fun with social media and how to get more results with social media. Now I want you to remember that this is the most powerful time we’ve ever lived in. I want you to think about the biggest social scene that you could ever put yourself smack in the middle of. It’s happening right now, it’s happening on the internet and it’s happening in social media. So everybody’s hanging out in Facebook. Everybody’s hanging out on Twitter. Everybody’s hanging out on Youtube. And you can get infront of all these people who are hanging out and you can have them know, like, and trust you and build out your networks like you could never believe. Have a global business, have a global network, all because of social media. So don’t underestimate the part of this. But let’s start to have a little bit more fun with social media. Which brings me to rule number 1, which is: Focus on who you’re being more than what you’re doing. I mean people everyday that want to know the actions, steps, “tell me how to do this thing”, “I don’t understand why this is not working”. And I looked and I said “you look so stressed out that’s why it’s not working”. Nobody’s gonna want to talk to you. No one’s gonna want to watch your videos. You’re not fun. Relax a little bit, right? So my message to you is lighten up, start to have some fun. You know when you’re having fun and you’re excited about something, have you noticed it just attracts people to you? I want you to start to pay attention to people with charisma. People who are having fun and just who they’re being and like you just want to be around them. Start to be that person. So focus on who you’re being and more than what you’re doing. That leads me to number 2, which is value. Be offering value every single day in this incredible social community, right? What is value? Value is anything that makes a difference in another person’s life. Maybe it inspires somebody. Maybe it brightens up their day. Maybe it makes them smile. Maybe it helps them to see something in a new way. Maybe it helps simplify something. Value is something that makes a difference in another person’s life. Period. You want to be offering value everyday. To offer value, you have to give up the agenda. So if you’re giving something to try to get something, people can smell it from a mile away. Give value to get value. Give value to make a difference and give value to be that person that people want to be around. And you’ll never go wrong with social media.Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast
  2. 2. Number 3, is think of creative ways to offer your value. You don’t have to copy anybody else. That’s the cool thing. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re creative, we think outside the box, right? So come up with creative ways to offer value to people. Think of creative ways to connect with people and make a difference in people’s life every single day. Finally, the last one is Consistency. I see too many people on one week, gone for two weeks. No no no. Have a consistent presence in the social networks. That’s like trying to hang out in a place and not showing up for two weeks. You want to show up everyday so people know who you are and they get to know you better. So show up everyday. Be consistent. You can automate a lot of this. We’ll not get into this today. But there’s some websites you can use so that you can have a consistent presence even if you’re not consistent yourself. Lastly, I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to bring your relationships to a new level in social media. Now you have level number one which is emailing back and forth or commenting in each other’s content, or tweeting to each other or whatever that is. You have that level which are just words, right, back and forth. You see someone’s picture so you start to build relationships, you know who each other is. So level number 2, is being able to bring video into that. So if you bring video ion and you’re allowing people to see you on video, you’re letting them into your world, and into your heart, and into who you are. It’s being authentic and real and you get to have people know, like, and trust you, and you’re brave enough to put yourself out there on video. So start doing video, and start allowing people to know who you are. That’s gonna bring things to another level with them, right? So the next level is getting on the phone with them. I challenge you everyday to pick up the phone. People you’ve been emailing with on Facebook or tweeting with back and forth, people who are commenting on your videos or your content, pick at least one person a day. Pick up the phone and call them with no agenda. Call them and say “Hey look, I just want to connect with people from my friends here in Facebook. And I love your energy and thanks for all your great comments. Tell me a bit more about yourself.” Find out about them, care about them. And if you do this everyday that person will never forget about you. Infact, they’re probably gonna add you into their cellphone as one of their primary contacts now. And you could do the same thing. You just made a friend because you took a minute to call someone and didn’t have an agenda.Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast
  3. 3. The next level is meet people in person. That’s why you need to get to live events and also if someone’s in your local area say “Hey Look, we’ve been friends in Facebook for a while. I’d love to meet for coffee. Are you available tomorrow?”. You sit down and have coffee with that person and I promise you, you’re going to be friends forever. You’re gonna be in each other’s networks forever. So you know, you have these different levels of connecting. So I challenge you everyday to get on the phone with someone that you’ve connected with in social media. And at least once a week, connect with someone live face to face that you’ve met through social media. Do this for a year and imagine your networks. This is amazing stuff. Start to have fun with it.Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast