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OLA Confrence


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Published in: Education
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OLA Confrence

  1. 1. Just Right, Just Write
  2. 2. BeyondBeyond GGooooggllee Just Right, Just Write.Just Right, Just Write.
  3. 3. Social and Academic Goals Social Goal - To dialogue with others and synthesize our thinking. Academic Goal -
  4. 4. Where Do We Start? Reading Researching Modeled Modeled Shared Shared Guided - Teacher-selected Text Guided - Teacher-selected Sites Independent - Book Bins -Free reign of the library Independent - Pre-selected Sites - Free reign of the internet We are applying the philosophies of developing independent readers as a way to develop independent researchers.
  5. 5. Consider Readability Usefulness Trustworthiness
  6. 6. Topic ? ? ?
  7. 7. Research Guide Readable □ Is this a ‘just-right’ text for me? □ Can I understand the information? □ Is it ‘kid-friendly’? Trustworthy □ Can I find an author? □ Have I found this information before? □ What do my instincts tell me? Useful □ Does this have what I’m looking for? □ Does it answer my research questions? □ Do I need it and is it worthwhile?
  8. 8. Comparison of Grade 5/6 Student Responses of Website Analysis
  9. 9. Readability Trustworthiness Usability
  10. 10.
  11. 11. @Library_Lover @Team_jellybean @digitalnative