Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere


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Research by Anne Helmond and Esther Weltevrede

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • A software tool that locates and visualizes networks on the web.

  • De Issuecrawler is ook een research tool uit een bepaalde tijd is -- ontworpen voor het web. Je kunt vooralsnog alleen mappen hoe prominent social media sites in een netwerk zijn, maar niet individuele user pages bijv. dit willen we gaan aanpassen.

  • - De geschiedenis van de nl blogosphere -- linklogs en lifelogs -- dit onderzoek kan mogelijk andere of vergeten dominante vormen in de nl blgosphere naar boven laten komen

    - Vorig A-list blogosphere sphere onderzoek door collega Michael Stevenson, en dat we daar duidelijk een move van techy netwerk (Wired etc als central nodes) naar nieuws georiënteerd hebben gemapt (van 1999 tot 2001)

  • Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere

    1. 1. Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere* Anne Helmond, Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam * Work in progress by Anne Helmond and Esther Weltevrede
    2. 2. Mijn name is Anne and I’m a blogger Photo: Guido van Nispen
    3. 3. and a researcher
    4. 4. Master thesis: Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the In uence of Software- Engine Relations. PhD research: Cross-platform syndication politics within social media.
    5. 5. A history of the Dutch blogosphere: 1995 - 2005
    6. 6. Frank Schaap, ‘Links, Lives, Logs: Presentation in the Dutch Blogosphere’, 2003. Frank Schaap, ‘Links, Lives, Logs: Presentation in the Dutch Blogosphere’, 2003. Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs <
    7. 7. linklogs Claim: Two types of blogs in the early Dutch blogosphere lifelogs
    8. 8. Current Dutch blogosphere: platformlogs
    9. 9. platformlogs
    10. 10. Research: Mapping changing blog practices in the Dutch blogosphere. A shift from linklogs > lifelogs > platformlogs
    11. 11. How? Analyzing the linkstructure of a blogosphere
    12. 12. Method 1. Startlist URLs* 2. Archive collection with Internet Archive 3. Create hyperlink networks (IssueCrawler) * Sources: Arie Altena, Gert-Jan Lasterie, Frank Meeuwsen, Merel Roze, Frank Schaap. In de future: Webloglijst:*/ Nedstat top 1000 weblogs’ statistics:
    13. 13. startingpoints http:// http:// http://www.proli http://proli http://www.
    14. 14. Hyperlink network tool: IssueCrawler The Issue Crawler is Web network and visualization software and consists of crawlers, databases, analysis engines, and visualization modules. The purpose of the software is to locate and visualize issue networks. It relies on co-link analysis, a scientometric (or webmetric) technique based on citation analysis.
    15. 15. Dutch Blogosphere 18 May 2010
    16. 16. zoom +
    17. 17. zoom ++a
    18. 18. zoom ++b
    19. 19. zoom +++
    20. 20. zoom +++
    21. 21. zoom ++++
    22. 22. platformlogs
    23. 23. platformlogs Susan Herring, professor of information science at Indiana University, sees it this way: “What the statistics point to is a rise in Facebook, a decline in blogging, and before that, a decline in personal Web pages. The trend is clear, she said — Facebook is displacing these other forms of online publication.” New York Times, 14 May 2010
    24. 24. platformlogs
    25. 25. Linkstructure Dutch blogosphere in 2010: social media platforms
    26. 26. Further research • Create snapshots of the Dutch blogosphere with the Internet Archive archive collection and analyse hyperlink network per year. • How do linking practices change and which clusters emerge? When do the social media platforms arrive? • Diagnosing the current condition of the early Dutch blogosphere.
    27. 27. Loglijst in Internet Archive
    28. 28. NL Blogosphere deceased blogs rip links + test
    29. 29. kthxbai! +1 esther!