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Bbc presentation social media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Bbc presentation social media

  1. 1. Presentation to Bramhall Business ClubPrepared by: Mike HallJune 2013
  2. 2.  Social Media – what is it? Integration within marketing communications Tactics Implementation Measurement
  3. 3.  A platform easily accessible to anyone withinternet access. Create content that attracts attention. Readers share with other networks. Driven by word of mouth rather than paid media.
  4. 4. TargetmarketProductPricePlacePromotionThe 4 P’sSocial MediaSocial media integrated with other communication channelPublic RelationsAdvertisingDirect marketingExhibitionsPromotionsWeb-site
  5. 5.  Business networking site 90 million + members Key uses:Market your businessProfile page. News. InformationPosition yourself as expert. Fan page. Promote eventsResearch clients and competitorsLink to other media
  6. 6.  Social networking and micro-blogging service. Promotional tool to point to other content. Build and sustain following. Requires great “content” 140 characters Ideal for customer service in B2B
  7. 7.  Initially seen as a “social” site Business can add “personality to a brand Commercial value in building a “community” Pages need to be:◦ Engaging◦ Entertaining…..alongside knowledge sharing and industry information
  8. 8.  Video is a prime communication tool. Engage with audience. Share and embed in other digital channels. Corporate videos, how to videos, replacementparts.
  9. 9.  New social network Created to make sharing on-line more effective Google+ pages provide a brands identity on theplatform:◦ Hangouts◦ Circles◦ +1 button
  10. 10.  Prepare a schedule Plan what to discuss each month/week/day “Bite sized” and sharable Content is key:◦ Informative & relevant◦ Cross social media platforms◦ Use social media sharing toolbars◦ Associate with other business content◦ Consider whitepapers, infographics
  11. 11.  Whitepaper:◦ Download -web-site◦ Feature - LinkedIn◦ Shorten for blogs/posts - Twitter◦ Convert to video – You Tube◦ Images – FacebookInfographics – provide good content
  12. 12.  Preparing content requires input & resource. Larger organisations employee specialist’s andappoint external agencies.“Head of Digital & Social Media” EDF Energy“Social Media Manager” Dell Computers“Digital Marketing Executive” Triumph MotorcyclesSocial media is about Communication – technology is the enabler
  13. 13.  Followers Unique visits Page views Forum posts Time on site Tweets Likes Subscriptions Traffic to main site
  14. 14.  A range of platforms to engage and communicate Integrate with other mar comms Use tactically Requires planning Needs resource Measure performance
  15. 15. Thank you for listeningAny questions