Free Online Wordpress Training in Ireland


Published on Get free Wordpress training online-all 33 videos

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  • Hi my name is Terry Gorry from Web design dublin and I have created Ireland’s only online Wordpress training programme. It comprises 33 videos showing you in step by step fashion how to create your own website or blog with Wordpress.Today I am announcng that I am giving them all away..for free
  • Free Online Wordpress Training in Ireland

    1. 1. Online Wordpress TrainingAll 33 Videos-FREEhttp://WebDesignDublin.org
    2. 2. Who is our course for?• Anyone who can use a keyboard and computer.• If you are able to use a keyboard then you canbuild a website with Wordpress..guaranteed.• Small business owners• Anyone who wants to discover how to start awebsite or blog
    3. 3. What you will learn• 33 videos showing step by step how to start andpromote your new website• Video 1-How to add a domain name to your hostingaccount• Video 2-Setting up your dns servers• Video 3-Installing Wordpress on your hosting account• Video 4-Setting up email and forwarders• Video 5-Introduction to the Wordpress dashboard• Video 6-Optimizing your Wordpress settings• Video 7-Installing and changing the look and feel ofyour site-themes
    4. 4. Videos cont’d• Video 8-Installing plugins and the best ones to use• Video 9-Creating pages and when to use pages versus posts• Video 10-Adding posts, editing and inserting video• Video 11-Widgets and links• Video 12-Installing Google analytics• Video 13-Setting up Google Webmaster tools• Video 14-File transfer protocol and Filezilla• Video 15-File management with cpanel• Video 16-Wordpress dashboard summary and roundup• Video 17-Initial ignition and promotion of your new site
    5. 5. Videos cont’d• Video 18-The best structure and layout for your site• Video 19-Using video to promote your site• Video 20-The psychology at work behind a great website• Video 21-Four essential and free tools you should be using• Video 22-Feedburner and building subscribers to your site• Video 23-Email/autoresponder marketing• Video 24-Introduction to affiliate marketing• Video 25-Introduction to Adsense publishing• Video 26-How to make a podcast/video cast part 1• Video 27- How to make a podcast/video cast part 2• Video 28-Adding a subdomain and blog to an existing website part 1• Video 29-Adding a subdomain part 2• Video 30-Off page seo and backlinking• Video 31-On page seo
    6. 6. Why build a website?Our online Wordpress training tutorials will give you the knowledge and skillto build a Wordpress website quickly and easily.• You will learn how to build a website which opens up a very wide range ofpossibilities..• start an online business• promoting and grow your existing business• start as an affiliate marketer• start a business as a Google adsense publisher• create a website for personal, sporting or private reasons• start a blog to share your thoughts and views• promote your existing work• get new clients for your business or profession• and whatever else you choose with your new knowledge and skill.
    7. 7. Where can I access the course?• Simply go to• NO SIGN UP REQUIRED• All I ask is one thing-if you know anyone elsewho would be interested please let themknow• Thanks 