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Digital Marketing Training in Ireland-Are You Being Ripped Off?


Published on Many small business owners in Ireland are being ripped off by so called 'digital marketing' experts.Digital marketing is not complex and you don't have to waste your time on social media sites trying to drum up business.You need a website that generates traffic..

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Digital Marketing Training in Ireland-Are You Being Ripped Off?

  1. 1. Are you a small business ownerin Ireland?How small businesses are gettingscrewed by digital marketing‘experts’
  2. 2. Web design geekhttp://WebDesignDublin.orgA web designer is essentially a graphicdesigner who may well be very talented atgraphic design; but a web designer can cost alot of money
  3. 3. +Costhttp://WebDesignDublin.orgMoney that you could be spending in a muchsmarter way for your business
  4. 4. =No traffic to your sitehttp://WebDesignDublin.orgAnd ultimately lead to a problem-no traffic toyour site. As a small business owner you needan online presence-a good website. What is agood website?
  5. 5. What you needhttp://WebDesignDublin.orgA site that delivers traffic to your business-lotsof it and targeted traffic-traffic to yourbusinesses products and services
  6. 6. Your business online• Will live or die by traffic• NOT fancy design
  7. 7. Not..http://WebDesignDublin.orgYou should not be concerned with fancygraphics or complex web design features orthe latest social media buttons
  8. 8. Or..http://WebDesignDublin.orgOr any other fancy, latest gadgets or wheezes
  9. 9. Your choiceorArtTraffic
  10. 10. Keep your online strategy simple• You need human traffic• Visitors• Clients• Customers
  11. 11. Learn more••• Tel: 086/81 21 797• 046/95 49 614
  12. 12. Digital Marketing TrainingI offer• one on one and group training in all aspects ofdigital marketing• Digital marketing consultancy• Smart, traffic sucking websites• Web content, blogs, and copywriting• terry@webdesigndublin.org
  13. 13. Call Now• 046/95 49 614• 086/81 21 797• terry@webdesigndublin.org