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Developments in Security & Privacy Law


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Security-related policy isn't just Sarbanes�Oxley and PCI. Security also includes data breach disclosure laws, bills that are being reviewed by Congress and by state legislatures, precedent-setting court cases and actions by the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies. Get an overview of recent security and privacy legal developments, including: promulgation by Federal agencies of rules pertaining to security, new and recent updates to Federal legislation, proposed Federal legislation, state legislative activities, and agency enforcement actions and private and security litigation.

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Developments in Security & Privacy Law

  1. 1. Developments in Security Privacy Law 2007-2008 Agenda • Overview of security and privacy legal developments over the past year, including: –PPromulgation by Federal Agencies of Rules l ti b F d l A i fR l Pertaining to Security – New and Recent Updates to Federal Legislation – Proposed Federal Legislation – State Legislative Activities – Agency Enforcement Actions and – Private and Security Litigation 1