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Science In SL


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Presentation to TeachMeet08 about working with Global Kids and High School for Global Citizenship

Published in: Education, Technology
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Science In SL

  1. 1. Learning Global Science Using Second Life Working with Global Kids at the High School for Global Citizenship, New York
  2. 2. High School for Global Citizenship
  3. 3. First day of term
  4. 4. Engagement and Enjoyment "Learning science in Second Life keeps you interested in your work, which is normally very hard for me to do, except for in this class." -- Shaquille
  5. 5. Access to ICT
  6. 6. Second Life Curriculum How to teach SL skills? " I would recommend this style of learning for any subject because it keeps us (students) pushing because we are using a game for learning." -- Ernesto
  7. 7. Texturing Prims "Using Science in Second Life made it a lot easier for me to do projects and homework." -- KoraAnne
  8. 8. 3D Modelling Environment
  9. 9. Prim twisting "Learning in Second Life was fun and taught me a lot of things because its learning and having fun instead of just learning and being bored." -- Latisha
  10. 10. Learning Global Science How to teach Science in SL? "I did not like science before I did this course. I wish I could have Second Life in each class. This is the most amazing thing that I've experienced in high school so far." -- Andrysse
  11. 11. Variety of activities "I would recommend this style of learning to anyone who loves science and online games. It would appeal to what they like." – Eaon
  12. 12. Science at home "I never thought global science could be so fun to learn." – Naomi
  13. 13. Science at home
  14. 14. Waste Management in Naples "It was also educational because we learned science while we were having fun." -- Zana
  15. 15. Waste Management in Naples
  16. 16. Non-renewable Resources "I got to learn science in a fun way and still get education." -- Rakeem
  17. 17. Renewable Resources "I did not like science before I did this course. I wish I could have Second Life in each class." -- Andrysse
  18. 18. Renewable Resources
  19. 19. Virtual Fieldtrip "I would recommend this program to other teachers and student because it shows science in a whole different way." – Shabede
  20. 20. Virtual Fieldtrip
  21. 21. Final Project "It was fun and a great learning experience I enjoyed going on second life to do science." – Lucius
  22. 22. Final Project "I recommend this [class] to people all over the world because they would be able learn things about science and have fun at the same time." -- Asha
  23. 23. Other skills How to teach everything else? "In class instead of just writing every day we would use the computer to type our notes, look up information, and sometimes get pictures to do class work and homework." -- KoraAnne
  24. 24. Comic Life
  25. 25. Assessment through daily blogging "I think that it was fun because we got to do something different instead of reading a regular text book." -- Zana
  26. 26. Researching with Google Earth "This class has changed my life, physically and mentally, as it has helped me learn about computers and other places around the world." -- Shaquile B.
  27. 27. Presenting Findings
  28. 28. Communication Skills
  29. 29. Successes "One thing I learned about science in Second Life is that science is really not that hard. I always thought, "I can't do this," but now I have learned so much, like about sustainability and how I can help to make our earth better. I never knew I was this smart." – Egypt
  30. 30. Sharing and collaboration "If I was to recommend it to anybody I would because it was a fun and exciting experience. I will miss it very much." -- Zana
  31. 31. Engagement and Enjoyment "IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!! ." -- Ernesto
  32. 32. Attendance (during exclusion!) "This is the most amazing thing that I've experienced in high school so far." -- Andrysse
  33. 33. Visiting HSGC
  34. 34. Resources <ul><li>Global Kids Second Life Curriculum is available in PDF format at </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>