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Mastering WeChat - Updated


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Want to know more about WeChat? This exciting new platform is allowing marketers to reach their audiences with even more precision and interest.

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Mastering WeChat - Updated

  1. 1. Up da t ed
  2. 2. Mastering WeChat What is WeChat? WeChat is an innovative mobile chat application that supports the sending of voice messages, videos, pictures and text messages to your digital contacts. Launched in January 2011, WeChat has been climbing the ranks of mobile applications and supports a multi-person (group) communication application. People can use this free app to contact their friends in an easy and timely fashion. Who Uses WeChat? According to the official data published by the WeChat team, by September 2013 WeChat already had over 350 million registered users (most of which come from other Tencent platforms in China, or Sina Weibo.). Approximately 50% are between the ages of 25-30, most of which are whitecollar. Many of Sina Weibo’s users are now using their WeChat accounts regularly. On November 25 2012, Apple Inc.’s iOS ranked WeChat the most popular social networking application in six countries (measured by downloads): Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Argentina, Thailand and Brunei (App Annie), and it measured top ten in 43 different markets The WeChat Public Platform: WeChat public platform is a new function added to the original fundamental platform. Via this platform, users can create their own public account using a QQ number. This account gives the user an integral communication platform, allowing them to interact with groups of friends through words, pictures and voice messages. By September 2013 350 million registered users. 01 Digital Jungle E-Book
  3. 3. WeChat boasts 350 million registered users and a 77% active user base. According to TechInAsia Wechat has 271.9 million monthly active users. 02
  4. 4. Mobile Advertising Why WeChat? Why WeChat? The Authenticity of Users: WeChat requires a telephone number in order to sign up for a personal account. This makes WeChat the strictest social media platform in China, ensuring there are less ‘fake’ accounts. The Controllability of Users: WeChat official accounts can directly reach their target audience. In addition, ‘fans’ can be segmented due to their provided demographic information. Emerging Markets; As discussed, WeChat is an immensely popular tool within the Chinese market. However Tencent has already signalled their intent to break into other markets. 03 Digital Jungle E-Book
  5. 5. Number of Users ! 71% 29% INFORMATION... Total number of users is now over 350 million, with 29% or 100 million users outside of China. 71% of users are mainland Chinese. Caution Female 37% Male 67% INFORMATION... Remeber that every message you send will end up in the hands of potential consumers. They have trusted you with their information, don’t abuse it. 04
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  8. 8. Campaign Tool 2: Find Nearby People Shake! Shake! W eChat has included a LBS (Location Based Service) function, which allows merchants to find users nearby, and vice versa. Under the tab “Friends” there is an extension “Finding the people nearby”. They can then target offers specifically to users; sending them promotional offers and subjecting them to advertisements according to the different demographic information they receive (basic info and signature). Advertising merchants can benefit from using the signature as a free ad location to promote their brand. Tip: Marketing staff can run a WeChat campaign in crowded places to appeal to a mass audience easily. This can be an excellent platform for advertising. 07 Digital Jungle E-Book
  9. 9. Campaign Tool 3: Scan The QR Code In WeChat, users can add friends and follow enterprise accounts via scanning QR codes. Enterprises can easily build their unique QR codes and place them in strategic locations to draw attention from their desired demographic (See the Nike best practice example below). MORE INFO HERE The Importance of Mobile Advertising in China Tapping into WeChat Marketing WeChat Marketing Service Do You Do Social Media Management? Merchants can attract users through ‘discount information’ and other promotional activities; developing their one-on-one campaign model, thus the one-to-one relationship has begun. Tips: Don’t forget to put the brand logo in the QR code. This can help improve brand exposure. ngle gital Ju hat Di C on We 08
  10. 10. Nike Sports-On-The-Go Campaign On August 24, 2012 sports giant Nike launched their “sports brand subscription platform” with a “Nike sports-on-the-go” concept in China, i.e. WeChat users can opt-in to receive Nike related updates and receive daily news from the organization. Go he be Bryan2t0 nT rts O Ko r cola d ite- ts branhe h et w por n-t targed a ‘s orts-o ollow t to lop a sp to f ikea eCh eve ith opt d N e ed W hey dform’ w rs can ews an es wer d us s. T lat e t e Nikear old on p ere us daily ns upda cover on. ye cripti pt, wh ceive new ticles mint r d s e sub conce and retes. Th . The all to ba go rand upda Nike etba b d k the relatedorts an m bas sp ing fro ut aboveryth e Spo Nike Sports-On-The-Go Nike Sports-On-The-Go Campaign What Did Nike Do? Why Did Nike Use The WeChat? 09 Digital Jungle E-Book What Did Nike Do? •Online and outdoor marketing campaign, utilized QR codes featured in noticeable public locations e.g. posters, retail flyers, taxis etc… Why Did Nike Use The Platform? •Rise of WeChat in popularity •Emergence of Mobile and Smartphones as a key medium to reach consumers. In China the growth of Smartphone popularity has seen mobile internet usage overtake that of fixed line internet! •Improve Nike’s one-on-one customer relationships •Build up their CRM system •Exploit the opportunities of the youthful demographic
  11. 11. Content Campaign WeChat Creativity Execution C C ampaign Tool 1 - Open Platform: WeChat developers have also created an application which allows you to share content that you like from around the web with your friends. ampaign Tool 2 - Voice Messages: Voice messages are a fresh way to pass your content’s message to consumers, it gives brands an opportunity to be creative. Ordinary accounts can send words, pictures, and voice messages, while a verified account can also send topic messages. Inbound marketing activities with real time applications are becoming increasingly important for brands wishing to connect with their target markets. Brands must utilize this in the campaigns. agease ess g ss ce M oice aMendiveiduaalt. Voi g V n i Ch Usin icture ofng onoW se andr gi t u ove p ssa asy t e is a sen rity ere oice m mely e to be opula ver H v go . g xtre ges he p usinpp is e messaorks. T as risin years r h a ew w The lows fo G net saging past f al fi or 3 mes he t wi- f voice o 10
  12. 12. GETTING INTO WECHAT MARKETING TOP 10 TIPS T1 op 10 tips: Define the role of WeChat Define your content strategy Define your target audience Promote your WeChat QR code Send out messages in a bottle Up date your content often Be perosonal and funny Use voice messages Use LBS functions Shake! Shake! Shake! 23 45 67 89 10 11 Digital Jungle E-Book
  13. 13. Digital Jungle We are China’s largest independent content focused, digital marketing agency, boasting 120+ staff in China and around the region. Our primary focus is to work with Western organizations to deepen their relationships between their brand and Chinese consumers; through quality content and strategic thinking, to drive consumer action, and to deliver value and measurable results for our clients. Content is a currency in today’s landscape for any brand or business. Therefore, we’re centered on creating and curating content experiences that drive deep consumer engagement across all platforms. We develop content strategies that help brands get discovered, become engaged, builds advocates, stimulates people down your sales funnel and assists with your SEO activities. MORE INFO HERE For more information about Digital Jungle and for help with WeChat marketing please contact us: • • • • a? in each Ch to R rted! et Sta G Want e Chines h your t g wit nnectin sing WeCha tart co S ce u audien 12