Social Marketing Best Practices Workshop #2


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Learn how to improve some Social Media Marketing techniques.

This 3 hour workshop provided some key ideas for social media marketers in creating content and strategies for effective engagement.

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Social Marketing Best Practices Workshop #2

  1. 1. Improving Social Marketing Workshop No. 2 - Improving content & engagement! " " " " " "!
  2. 2. Sessions Agenda… buckle up, lets go!! 1. The Social Media Context 2. Reflecting on the ‘five step process” 3. Guides for improving our social media efforts Note: You will need to use Tweeter/Weibo in this session so please make sure you have your accounts ready to use
  3. 3. Dr. Mathew McDougall… " " " " " "First, a quick introduction! •  Founder & CEO – SinoTech Group/ Digital Jungle •  Author – Chinese Social Media Universe •  Blogger – Digital Marketing Inner Circle •  Speaker – Adtech, PATA, SES… many more •  9+ years in China doing digital marketing
  4. 4. Fact to remember…! Getting focused 60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to a salesperson. CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD: BIT.LY/ZUB2I7
  5. 5. This session will focus on Content, Posting, & Sharing!
  7. 7. Your goal shouldnt be to buy leads.Your goal should be to buy customers. @digitaljungle Tweet This!
  8. 8. Warm Up Exercise Lets get into the grove
  9. 9. Task #1 People & organizations can have different understandings of what Social Media is. In this task, each person should provide at least one term that defines social media for them. These words will be put on a white board to form a keyword cloud around “Social Media is….”
  10. 10. Task #2 Similar to the first task, this time each person should provide at least one term that explains why they think people use social media. These words will be put on a white board toform a keyword cloud around “People use Social Media because….”
  11. 11. Time Limit 15-20 minutes for cloud tagging 10-15 minutes for observations/comments
  12. 12. The Digital Jungle Process " " " "Reflecting on the 5 steps!
  13. 13. The Process….! Remember this ? The Digital Jungle five-step process to inform thedevelopment of social marketing programs.
  14. 14. Discovery Phase These tasks will help you create good content •  Content Audit •  Key Themes & Messages •  Experience Paths •  Recommended Topics Content Strategy •  Reputation Management
  15. 15. Reflection Questions… Just making sure you got it •  What is the stage for developing the ‘big idea’? •  Name 5 common KPI’s used in measurement •  Where is the content strategy addresses? •  Where do I define my target audience?
  16. 16. Content and Posting " " " "Some Ideas & Suggestions!
  17. 17. First Key Point… Treat people online like youdo offline People online and offline look for simular things when making friends, listening to someone, contributing their ideas, sharing. Just because you are creating content for online don’t push PR or company news at someone. You would not get far in the ‘real world’ doing this so don’t try it in the digital one. .
  18. 18. Posting…! What time? Content posted before noon gets 65% more - The Social Influence Company engagement that posts after noon Source: Digital Jungle Social Insights Report, January 2012
  19. 19. BITLY, 9/2011 The shelf life of a social media link is Source: Digital Jungle Social Insights Report, January 2012 3 hours.
  20. 20. Posting… What day?! Friday posts generate the most engagement while Saturday and Sunday posts have the least engagement (Monday & Tuesday are only slightly behind Friday in terms of engagement) Source: Digital Jungle Social Insights Report, January 2012
  21. 21. Frequency … links and images! Proposed posting ratios Social Media Objective Links Images/Video Brand Awareness 1:5 1:3 Traffic Generation 1:2 1:5 but don t forget: videos, graphics, infographics, articles and Q/A s… phew!!Source: Digital Jungle Social Insights Report, January 2012
  22. 22. Engagement ideas…! •  Contest •  Online game •  Special offer •  Mini series
  23. 23. Content ideas…! •  Start a post with a question •  Try “fill in the ……” posts •  Ask for comments and likes •  Humour… (but be careful as someone humour maybe someone’s insult)
  24. 24. But why do people share?! 1)  reinforces shared views & social bonds. 2)  need to proselytize or desire to connect. 3)  emotional, positive, interesting, anger inducing, or sad are the most likely to be shared. 4)  calm themselves or reduce uncertainty. 5)  bolsters own sense of self
  25. 25. Role of Key opinion leaders •  Would purchasing a KOL help in achieving my specific social media goal? •  Should I seek help of a KOL ‘superstar’ or use a ‘grass roots’ fan/fanatic? •  If I used a paid KOL, what is the cost/benefit? ($/re-tweets) •  Who provides the content for the paid KOL? •  Are there any KOL’s already engaged and if so, what are they saying? •  Do the KOL’s differ in different sites/channels?
  26. 26. As marketers… it’s our job to..! “Make our customers/fans look like rock stars!”
  27. 27. Social Media can be used in lead generation! Landing Form Tweet Page Lead Blog Landing Like Post CTA Page Product Landing +1 Page CTA Page Note: Call to action Example 1. - CTA that drives someone to your Shopping Cart Example 2 – CTA that drives someone to a landing page with an introductory offer
  28. 28. Today, I had an epiphany… my fans/followers rock! @digitaljungle Tweet This!
  29. 29. Putting into Practice: ! Time to play
  30. 30. Group Exercise ! Time to get engaged
  31. 31. Task – Content Strategy With your tablemates you will create some contentthat will suit your assigned site/SMM objective. Youmust have at least 15 example messages Remember to include some ideas from this workshop. Collect your messages on the flip chart so that youcan report back to the group at the end of the task.
  32. 32. Formulating the message…!Consider the following: •  What is the culture/tribe engaging with the site you are posting on •  Is there a certain content restriction – no product mentions etc •  What tone of voice is appropriate? •  Do I use links or images? •  How does the content relate to my overall objective?
  33. 33. Time Limit 40 minutes for discussion 20 minutes for presentations
  34. 34. In todays SMM workshop I learned “……...” @digitaljungle Tweet This!
  35. 35. Thanks!Follow on Twitter Company Email@digitaljunglecn Follow on Weibo: Company Connect on Linkedin Presentations on Also, don t miss out on ! Dr. Mathew McDougall s new book! The Chinese Social Media Universe !