Social Influence Marketing - for Hotels


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This presentation outlines a powerful solution for tapping into social media and exploiting this channel for the benefit of your hotel

As most agree, Social Media allows hotels to establish a relationship with customers unlike any other media. It opens the door for hotels to establish a one-on-one relationship with travelers where hotels are getting regular feedback on how their customers are reacting to their marketing messages, customer service, and hotel stay experience.

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Social Influence Marketing - for Hotels

  1. 1. Digital JungleChinese Hospitality IndustrySocial Listening SoftwareSocial Influence Marketing
  2. 2. Why social media is important
  3. 3. Leading Advertising Tool Social Media: The leading advertising tool •  There is currently 457Million Internet users in China. This is expected to be over 740Million by 2015. •  There are 235Million Social Media Users in China. A growth of 33% from 2010. •  92% of Chinese Social Media Users visit Social Media sites 3 or more times per week. 34% visit every single day. As the influence of social media – and those using social media – continues to grow, it’s crucial for traditional media, retailers, brands and advertisers to understand how different consumer segments use and share content.Source: eMarketer, April 2011.
  4. 4. Strong Influence for Brands •  87% of Social Media users have “friended or followed Brands” •  77% of Social Media users believe social media presence makes a brand more attractive Source: L2 Think TankSource: L2 Think Tank
  5. 5. Trusted SourceSocial Media is trusted in China more than the west If people don’t trust your brand they DON’T buy your brand … social media helps to develop trust … through social programs that educate, entertain, engage, encourage and reinforce
  6. 6. The Largest ReachSocial Network SitesSocial Networks and Blog sites rule Americans’ Internet time, 22.6% Social networks & blogsAccounting for 23 percent of time spent online, more thantwice the amount of time spent on the #2 category, OnlineGames. To further put this into context, time spent on the 75 9.8% Online games“Other” online categories combined only accountsfor 35percent of Americans’ total Internet time.Top 10 online categories by share of total Internet time >>Home and Work (May2011) 7.6% e-mail 9.8% 4.5% portals 4.4% Videos/movies 3.2% Software manufactures 4.0% search 2.9% Classifieds/auctions 3.3% Instant messaging 2.6% news 35.1% Source: Nielson 2011 35.1% other * 6  
  7. 7. Deep DiveHospitality Industry
  8. 8. Our OfferingsHospitality Industry SolutionDigital Jungle combines two major offerings for the HospitalityIndustry to deliver a powerful solution for Hotels1.  Social Intelligence Platform •  Understand your Brand & competitors Share of Voice, Sentiment and Digital Reach. This deeper insight provides significant advantage in targeting campaigns, tracking performance and identifying where and who plays a role influencing online discussions2.  Social Influence Marketing •  Proactively market to the network of peers that surround and influence the hotel customer across social platforms and on brand Web sites
  9. 9. Hospitality IndustrySocial Intelligence Platform
  10. 10. Why Social Media Monitoring is ImportantThe Marketing NeedChina has over 495 million online users. These netizens are actively engaging on blogs, micro-blogsand social networks. Like it or not, your Brand is being discussed!As a marketer, this information is vital in helping make campaign decisions about where and whenyou should be spending your marketing budget. •  Listen to what is being said about your brand Benefits of Social Media Monitoring •  Track number of discussions relating to your Brand •  Identify trends and track impacts of offline campaigns •  Monitor the sentiment of discussions around your Brand •  Identify the people talking about and advocating your Brand •  Identify the platforms that have the greatest impact on the discussions, both in a positive and negative way •  Know where these discussions take place, in Beijing or Shenzhen or somewhere else?
  11. 11. SIP: Our Social Monitoring PlatformSIP Hotel: Social Intelligence PlatformDeveloped by SinoTech Group (, the software wasdeveloped by top engineers familiar with both international and Chinese socialmedia.Through advanced proprietary technology SIP is able to monitor conversationand analyze sentiment in multiple languages for the Hospitality industry.We can intelligently discover and monitor what people are saying about your brandand competitors operating in China and then present this in easyto understand graphical format.•  Offered in 12 languages•  Covers 9 channels, Social Media, BBS/Forum, Microblogs, SNS + more•  Global reach and Expert in China metrics•  Precise sentiment and trend analysis•  Hospitality focused features
  12. 12. SIP Hotel: Dashboard Understand what channels are discussing your brandAbility to analyzethe onlinesentiment of yourbrand and industry Identify the Screen shot’s taken from SIP:Enterprise authors contributing to the discussions
  13. 13. SIP Hotel: Hospitality Intelligence Hospitality Industry Features: The SIP platform offers a number of core Hospitality focused features such as,Hotel Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Revenue Monitoring, Hotel Scoreboard and Buzz Rank. •  Hotel Reviews: Data and analysis from hotel review websites both Chinese and foreign, Trip Advisor, Ctrip, e-long +more •  Restaurant Reviews: Reviews of Hotel restaurants from authoritative review websites •  Revenue Monitoring: Hotel comparisons of listed room rates and average room rates •  Hotel Scorecard: Ranking of Hotel and competitors in reference to a Scorecard Criteria List
  14. 14. SIP Hotel: Competitor Comparison Compare your brand to competitors:The SIP platform offers a core feature for comparing brands to competitors, compare, share of voice, mention buzz, sentiment and social influence.
  15. 15. SIP Hotel: Discussions Deep DiveMen$ons   Geographical  Spread   •  View overall discussions/buzz for period of time •  Drill down on mentions to view the individual discussions •  Find and Take action on Negative and Positive View mentions geographical spread of discussions
  16. 16. Hospitality IndustrySocial Influence Marketing
  17. 17. Social Influence MarketingHospitality Industry OfferingsDigital Jungle offer full services in the Digital Marketing field:Social Media, SEO, Search Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate Media,Mobile Strategies, Website/Microsite Development.Our strength is in developing integrated approaches that focus around acentral innovative Social Media Strategy.
  18. 18. Our Focus: Social Media MarketingSocial Media MarketingSearch Engine MarketingAffiliate & Media BuyingSEOePRMobile app developmentSocial Media MonitoringSocial Media Strategy & Campaign Reporting
  19. 19. AboutDigital Jungle
  20. 20. World Class Digital Marketing Experience•  Delivering digital strategy and execution services: –  Customer and competitor insight –  Digital strategy –  Social Media Marketing –  Search Engine Marketing –  Affiliate Marketing –  Media Buying•  We work for global and domestic organisations, across various market sectors, helping our clients: –  Engage with their key audiences –  Transform their business –  Maximise growthMarketing
  21. 21. Our Universe
  22. 22. Our CommitmentThe mission of Digital Jungle is to help our clients improve theirbusiness position and gain real value from their digital marketinginvestmentsThrough our expertise in social media, digital marketingprograms and the application of search, affiliate and onlinemarketing around the world.we commit to:• Driving incremental direct revenue• Generating ROI unrivaled by traditional media• Protecting your online reputation• Increasing your market share over your competitors• Building your brand awarenessWe look forward to speaking with you further.
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