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Australian Social Media & Internet Facts


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This presentation (August, 2012) provides a great overview of the Australian social media and internet landscape.

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Australian Social Media & Internet Facts

  1. 1. Australia Social Media Fast Facts August 2012
  2. 2. [Fast Facts [Australia had a world Internet penetration rate of 67.5% in 2011, a lot higher than the world average (32.7%).1 [ Fast Facts
  3. 3. [Fast Facts [The growth of Internet users in Australia has been increasing in the past decade. As of May 2012, approximately 75% of the Australian population are using the internet.2 [ Fast Facts
  4. 4. [Fast Facts [With the revolution of information technology, the Internet has changed our social life. The number of Internet users has been rapidly increasing recently and Australians are expected to spend most of the time on their Internet activities at home in 2012.3 [ Fast Facts
  5. 5. [Social Media Facts [In 2011, the average Australian Internet user spent 19 hours per week online.4 [ Social Media Facts
  6. 6. [Fast Facts [There are more male online users in Australia, spending more time on the Internet per month, compared with female online users.5 [ Fast Facts
  7. 7. [Fast Facts [Tablet computers and mobile phones are quickly becoming the major devices used to access the Internet in Australia.6 [ Fast Facts
  8. 8. [Fast Facts [On average, Australians spend close to 22 hours on the Internet per week.7 [ Fast Facts
  9. 9. [Fast Facts [‘Communicatingfor Australiansand ‘searching information’ are the primary online activities with people’ using the Internet. The percentage of people using the Internet for online shopping has been steadily increasing since 2010.8 [ Fast Facts
  10. 10. Social Media and Search Facts
  11. 11. [Social Media Facts [What Social Media is – the landscape.9 [ Social Media Facts
  12. 12. [Social Media Facts [Approximate 65% of Australian internet users use social media platforms every day.10 [ Social Media Facts
  13. 13. [Social Media Facts [The most popular website in Australia is Facebook, with a 69.5% reach, followed closely by YouTube (56.9%).11 [ Social Media Facts
  14. 14. [Social Media Facts [ activities in Australia. Social networking accounts for 1 of every 5 Portals, social networking sites, and entertainment are the top online minutes spent online in Australia. 2011 top 5 social media channels:12 [ Social Media Facts
  15. 15. [Social Media Facts [Facebook is the most popular social network in Australia. Over 31% of users are under 17 years old. Users are nearly equally split between male and female.13 [ Social Media Facts
  16. 16. [Social Media Facts [YouTube is the second most popular platform in Australia. Over 34% of the users are under 17 years old, surprisingly, 26% of of YouTube users in Australia are between 45-54 years old.14 [ Social Media Facts
  17. 17. [Social Media Facts [There are more male users (62%) than female on Twitter. 33% of Australian Twitter users are between 45-54 years old.15 [ Social Media Facts
  18. 18. [Social Media Facts [LinkedIn users are almost equally split between males (52%) and females (48%). 32% of users are between 45-54 years old.16 [ Social Media Facts
  19. 19. [Social Media Facts [Top 10 social media websites in Australia – Stickiness - May 201217 [ Social Media Facts
  20. 20. [Social Media Facts [Australian top 10 new information search websites – Stickiness - May 201218 [ Social Media Facts
  21. 21. E-commerce Facts
  22. 22. [E-commerce Facts [world. In 2011, Australian online shopping expenditure reached $13.6 Australians appear to be some of the most avid online shoppers in the billion with the growth of 13% from the same period in 2010. Online shopping expenditure is predicted to reach nearly $27 billion by 2016, growing by about 14% each year. $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $  $   $  19 [ E-commerce Facts
  23. 23. [E-commerce Facts [With over two thirds of users making an online purchase every month, nearly 44% are using the internet to research products everyday. 36% of Australians made a purchase after researching products via social media.20 [ E-commerce Facts
  24. 24. [E-commerce Facts [5.5 million Australians make an online purchase each month.21 [ E-commerce Facts
  25. 25. Mobile Facts
  26. 26. [Mobile Facts [There were 11 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia by the end of 2011. This represents an increase of 13.6% from June 2011. Of these, 2.2 million (20%) were dedicated data subscriptions and 8.8 million (80%) were all other active standard mobile subscriptions. 22 [ Mobile Facts
  27. 27. [Mobile Facts [Mobile Page views have increased by an impressive 207% since May 2011.23 [ Mobile Facts
  28. 28. [Mobile Facts [Demographic analysis for the frequency of mobile internet usage in Australia for 2011 show that an average of 53% of users check their social media accounts daily.24 [ Mobile Facts
  29. 29. [Mobile Facts [ Australians are spending more time accessing the mobile internet than ever before, more than 4 in 10 Australians use mobile internet. Smart phones now hold 51% of the market for those aged 16+ and tablets are in 18% of households. Users are accessing mobile internet at work (42%), at home (42%), in transit (30%), and while they are outside (10%)25 [ Mobile Facts
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