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Time To Mobilize Engaging Customers Through Mobile Marketing Apps & Ads


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For years we've heard that next year is "the year of mobile." For marketers, the time for mobile is now. By 2013, the U.S. smartphone application market is projected to reach $4.2 billion and the number of smartphone users is expected to quadruple. Yet only a small percentage of companies are currently engaging their customers through mobile apps. Marketers must seize this opportunity and meet their target audiences where they want to be met - on their mobile devices.

Listen to host Larry Weber, Bob Walczak of Ringleader Digital and Emily Green of Yankee Group for a discussion about:

• Which brands are doing mobile “right”
• Getting started with mobile marketing, apps and ads
• How to successfully integrate mobile into existing marketing programs
• Engaging customers in a more targeted, personalized way
• Connecting with customers any place, anywhere for more hours of the day

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