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Org readiness for change


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Org readiness for change

  1. 1. Anticipatory Change Reactive Change Crisis Change • Strategic performance is healthy • The need for change is uncertain • Internal commitment for change is low The lack of internal pressure, combined with an organizational performance that has yet to slide makes it difficult to sell in any strategic altering or re-alignment at this stage. Time & resources will allow the agency to go deeper into the methods outlined in the reactive change category, but a few other factors will be important: your key client contact’s credibility within their organization, & your ability to deliver a strong recommendation. • Strategic performance is sliding • Need for change is becoming clear, not certain • Internal commitment for change is mixed At this stage, some of the client’s team (and hopefully your key contact) is beginning to see the need for change, but you still may have to help sell in the need for strategic direction “altering”. In addition to key methods for showing industry, competitive, consumer and technological shifts, it will also be important to project multiple future scenarios for the clients strategy using existing as the base case. • Strategic performance is bad • The need for change is clear by everyone • Internal commitment for change is high Fast, focused and decisive action is required at this stage, as the client is most likely facing internal and external challenges. The client will be bringing in an outside “change agent”, so it will be an interesting time for the agency to be involved, if they are even allowed to be. Any agency strategic engagements must be cognoscente of time and the client’s depleted resources as this stage. Reactive change Crisis change Readiness for change Time StrategicPerformance Anticipatory change Strategic capability @digitalinfant