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eTail Asia Perfecting the Fundamentals of Ecommerce 2014 Agenda


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eTail Asia Perfecting the Fundamentals of Ecommerce 2014 Agenda

  1. 1. Private & Confidential Perfecting The Fundamentals of eCommerce: Practical Takeaways On Driving Traffic, Increasing Conversion And Capturing Sales In The Growing $1 trillion Asian Retail Market 11th of March 2014 Mobile Focus Day 12th & 13th of March 2014 Main Conference Days March 11th -13th, 2014, the Amara Hotel, Singapore Mobile commerce summit partner
  2. 2. Private & Confidential Confirmed Speakers So far: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Jonathan Yabut, Chief Marketing Officer, AirAsia Gary Wheelhouse, Head of Digital, Harvey Norman Andrew Cocker, Chief Marketing Officer, Skyscanner Nikunj Shanti, Head of eCommerce, Tiger Airways Dave Osh, CEO, Qnet, David Lee, Head of eTailer & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Brian Hui, VP of Marketing, Amazon China Damien Cummings, Regional Marketing Director, SamSung Asia Andrea Domeneghini, Regional head of online marketing, Zalora Ashutosh Lawania, Co-founder, Myntra Saran Chatterjee, head of product management, Flipkart Patrick Steinbrenner, Head of Onsite Marketing, Zalora Amod Malviya, Senior Vice President, Head of Engineering., Flipkart Roger Edgan, CEO, Redmart Nazia Hayat, Social Media Platform Specialist, Lenovo Ivan Hudyana, Head of IT Product Marketing, Samsung Patrick Steinbrenner, Head of Onsite Marketing, Zalora Maximilian Bittner, CEO Lazada Group Patrick Linden, Founder & Managing Director, Deal.SG Nazar Musa, Regional CEO Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, LivingSocial Rostin Javadi, Managing Director, Zalora Malaysia Pierre Poignant, COO, Lazada Timothy Hou, Associate Director, Communications, Marina Bay Sands SaeMin Ah, Managing Director, Rakuten Venture Joyce Tsai, Head of Marketing, Groupon Max-F. Scheichenost, Founder & Managing Partner, Alps Ventures Jia En Teo, Co-founder, Donald Piret, Chief Technology Office, Roomorama Ilias Chelidonis, Head of eCommerce, Meritus Hotel Pawoot (Pom) Pongvitayapanu, CEO, Ben McIntosh, Senior Executive, Courts Wahuydi, CEO, Alex Bono, COO, 42Ventures Ltd Dan Ferguson, Director, DesignCrowd Roger Yuen, CEO, Clozette
  3. 3. Private & Confidential 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Claudia Hogan, Start-up advisor, 2x entrepreneur, marketer & strategist Kael Foo, Head of eCommerce, XM-I Lee Yew Haur, Head of Business Analytics, Singapore Institute of Management University Vinnie Lauria, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures Srividya Sridharan, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Minh Bui, Southeast Asia eCommerce Marketeer, E27 Keith Ng, CEO, Gametize Angelina Seow, CEO, Jooix Stefan Brunn, Global Managing Director, Lion&Lion Camilo Paredes, CEO, Duriana What your peers think “Very well organized event with top notch companies’ insights into the eTailing industry” David Lee, Head of eTailer & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell “I really enjoyed the show – lots of interesting speakers, great panel discussions and a good mix of retailers in the audience” Bastian Purrer, Chief Marketing Officer, Zalora “Overall the event was very educational - no sales pitches, will highly recommend it to others as well. Ilias Chelidonis, Head of eCommerce, Meritus Hotels “As a newcomer to the world of eCommerce, this event provided me with the perfect forum to understand a lot of fundamentals relating to online business and was awesome from a networking point of view as well. A fabulous event!” Shahin Padath, Head of eCommerce, Adidas Group "Well organized and the tracks were well focused. Definitely a great experience for and we look forward to future events." Matt Hauser,Vice President,Content Solutions, “A great experience, and a great networking opportunity that already resulted in new business opportunities!” Dave Osh, CEO, QNET "A great opportunity to learn from and network with leading brands and businesses in the e-Retail space - many interesting stories, insights and case studies that provided a great perspective into the current and future state of what's to come in this industry." Vincent Teo, Digital Planning Director, BBDO Proximity
  4. 4. Private & Confidential Current Partners eTail Asia 2014 Focus Day Capitalising on the Mobile Revolution th 11 of March 2014 Why a focus day on Mobile? Some experts argue that the future of eCommerce is m-commerce. Whether or not you agree, the rise in mobile connectivity and mobile usage around the globe is a trend one cannot afford to ignore; and this is the case especially for Asia. The Asia-Pacific region generated an impressive 57% of new connections in the period between 2008 and 2012 which stood at 3.3 billion. By 2015, 65% of the world’s mobile users will be in Asia Pacific. The Mobile Focus Day will zoom in on what retailers can do to capture this growth and how they can successfully integrate their mobile strategies with other marketing channels to truly grow traffic, improve engagement and increase revenue. Mobile Commerce Summit 8.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks 9:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Defining The Mobile Generation And The Mobile Commerce Opportunity: What Do They Mean For You Identifying your mobile user and how you can best segment your consumer base What are the prospects and trends for growth for mCommerce: will it be the dominant force? Learning about potential regulatory hindrances on mobile commerce Which regions will see the highest growth in Asia and what are the differences in strategies for capturing each region? Presenter: Damien Cummings, Regional Marketing Director, SamSung Asia
  5. 5. Private & Confidential 9:20 ALL STARS PANEL Mobile Adaptive Website Vs. Mobile App: How To Successfully Invest In Mobile Technology To Capture The Largest Audience The debate over native app vs. web app: what’s the best user interface for m-commerce? How much more growth can a mobile app capture? What type of cost benefit analysis are we seeing in each and how valuable are they? How often do you have to maintain and update an app? Should you be developing on Android or IPhone and which is the best to capture the most market segments? What are the potential pitfalls for a mobile and mobile-enabled website? Panellist: Donald Piret, Chief Technology Office, Roomorama Saran Chatterjee, Head of Product Management, Flipkart Claudia Hogan, Start-up advisor, 2x entrepreneur, marketer & strategist 10:10 CASE STUDY How To Adapt Your Content Management Strategy To Incorporate Mobile, Tablet And Desktop? How to effectively reach and engage your consumers through the primary screen of mobile How to create mobile sites that are truly user-friendly: engaging the consumer on every step of the mobile life cycle How to implement successfully Responsive Design on mobile: where is the improvement curve? How to successfully navigate multi-channels and a seamless switch between multiple channels, online and offline Presenter: Gary Wheelhouse, General Manager of Digital, Harvey Norman 10:30 Refreshments & Networking Break 11:00 CASE STUDY How To Create A “Mobile First” Strategy And Engage Consumers On Their Primary Screen Of Contact How to successfully implement a “mobile first” strategy and what does it entail How can you best reach the targeted customer segments through mobile? What are the best ways to engage consumers on every step of the mobile lifecycle? What are the cost benefit analysis of a “mobile first” strategy to a web-based design adapted to mobile Presenter: Wahyudi, CEO,
  6. 6. Private & Confidential 11:20 ALL STARS PANEL Creating A Seamless Mobile Campaign Combining Online And Offline Channels: How To Successfully Integrate Mobile Into Your eCommerce Strategy With over 40% of traffic coming from mobile in Asia, how can you best convert this mobile traffic? What are the best ways to generate new qualifying traffic direct to your site? How to align shoppers’ mobile experience with online and offline marketing campaigns How to successfully integrate the mobile channel with other marketing channels Presenter: Nazia Hayat, Social Media Platform Specialist, Lenovo 11:40 12:40 14:15 DRILL DOWN ROUNDTABLES 1. How to enhance customer engagement and brand impact through mobile as a new data channel 2. How to successfully advertise on mobile and what are the most efficient channels? 3. Debating the hottest regions for mobile traffic and how you can generate qualified new traffic to your site 4. How to ensure security and overcome fraud on mobile payments 5. Optimizing the user experience for shoppers on Mobile Lunch & Networking Breaks CASE STUDY Making Every Dollar Count: How To Execute A Killer Mobile Advertising Strategy How to best capitalize on location based advertising for mobile? What are the main measurements for successful advertising on mobile? How to executed an advertising strategy on mobile with the most cost efficient ROIs Explaining the nuances of mobile advertising in Asia 14:35 CASE STUDY Mobile Payments: How Can You Streamline Payments, Maximize Convenience For The Consumers And Increase Sales Identifying the fastest payment gateways for mobile shoppers and the pitfalls to avoid in countries with less developed infrastructure What are the prospects for standardization and having the same mobile payment system across regions? How to successfully implement mobile payment at a low cost, does it always have to be cash on delivery? How to ensure you are PCI(payment card industry) compliant 14:55 Refreshments & Networking Break 15:30 CASE STUDY
  7. 7. Private & Confidential Emerging Markets (Thailand): How Is m-commerce Done In The Region And What Are The Regional Mobile Strategies? What are some of the technology considerations faced and the necessary investments? The role of social commerce in m-commerce What are the ROI for investing in personalisation? How to develop a mobile strategy supported on multiple platforms Presenter: Pawoot (Pom) Pongvitayapanu, CEO, 15:50 ALL STARS PANEL st Exploring SoLoMo (Social Location Based Mobile Commerce): What Does It Mean To Be Mobile Adaptive In The 21 Century? Mobile commerce on mobile phone is no longer enough: how do you adapt to tablet, e-reader and other mobile devices Exploring the implications of SoLoMo and what it means for selling on m-commerce Identifying stats and trends for converting on mobile and where are we seeing growth trends? How to make use of the growth in NFC(Near Field Communication) in mobile devices and how will this revolutionizes payments Panellist: David Lee, Head of eTailer & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Camilo Paredes, CEO, Duriana 16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
  8. 8. Private & Confidential Day 1 of the conference will start with focusing on the macro-landscape of the Asian eCommerce ecosystem, covering investments into the region, latest digital trends, logistics and fulfillment challenges and customer data analytics, this will be the comprehensive first day to cover the fundamentals of eCommerce success in Asia. Day 1 afternoon will also give you the flexibility of formats of discussing your most pertinent topics in intimate formats such as the Creative Boardroom to really make your experience worthwhile. 8.15 Registration 8.55 9:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Defining The E-Commerce Ecosystem The Future Of eCommerce In Southeast Asia: Where Does The Opportunity Lie? Giving the backdrop on the development of eCommerce within the region, what are the main challenges the industry face? What are the prospects for future growth trends? What are the specific criteria for successfully launching in individual countries within Asia? Presenter: Nazar Musa, Regional CEO Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, LivingSocial 9:20 ALL STARS PANEL Local Players VS. Multinational Brands: What Are Their Different Approaches To Building eCommerce Strategies In Southeast Asia? What challenges had big multinational brands faced and overcame when launching in Southeast Asia? Who enjoys a greater advantage and what are the individual obstacles they each face? Panellist: Patrick Linden, Founder & Group CEO, DealGuru Holdings Kael Foo, Head of eCommerce, XM-I SaeMin Ah, Managing Director, Rakuten Ventures Damien Cummings, Regional Marketing Director, SamSung Asia 10:20 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION The Evolution Of Digital Trends: How Can You Successfully Use Retargeting Strategies To Stay Ahead? With the changes in the space for online advertising, how to track every advertising dollar spent and ensure the best ROI Search & Retargeting, how can you drive sales on the hottest marketing channel of the year? 10:40 Refreshments & Networking Break 11:10 CASE STUDY Turning a CRM Strategy Into Your Competitive Retail Edge: How To Best Build Branding, Retain Customers And Improve Products How can you use social media trends to help make your products more effective How to use social media as a long term brand strategy and improve customer retention
  9. 9. Private & Confidential How to capitalize on social media experiences and integrate with CRM Clarifying the impact of social media on sales and how should you best look at this 11:30 ALL STARS PANEL How To Successfully Navigate Multi-Channels And Create A Seamless Customer Experience For The Consumer How can you gain a 360 degrees view of the customer across multiple channels? How to effectively serve across multiple touch points? How to offer effective loyalty programs across different channels How to use real-time marketing to increase revenue Panellist: Nikunj Shanti, Head of eCommerce, Tiger Airways Pawoot (Pom) Pongvitayapanu, CEO, Andrea Domeneghini, Regional head of online marketing, Zalora Stefan Brunn, Global Managing Director, Lion&Lion 12:20 PRESENTATION Improving the Quality of the OmniChannel Digital Experience Retailers are racing to embrace the OmniChannel shopper. And it’s no wonder that shoppers who engage across channels prove to be the most valuable, often spending 4 - 8 times as much as those who engage over just one. Catering to the demands and expectations of the OmniChannel shopper is critical to ensuring your brand can capitalize on these incredibly valuable consumers. Unfortunately the quality of the digital experiences delivered are too often inconsistent at best, or at worst, slow or entirely unavailable. This session will delve into the expectations of the always connected consumer, examine different OmniChannel engagement methods and highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging consumers across different channels. Speaker: Bruno Goveas, Director, Web Experience Products(Asia Pacific and Japan) 12:40 EXPERT INSIGHT How Do Venture Capital Funds Evaluate eCommerce And What Are The Criteria For A Successful E-Business? Venture Capitalist or Private Equity investment to talk about where do they see the individual growths for each region? What are the measures and criteria for a successful eCommerce business? Which countries specifically are the opportunities for growth for eCommerce? Presenter: Vinnie Lauria, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures 13:00 Lunch & Networking Breaks Customer Data Analytics International eCommerce NEW! Interactive Formats
  10. 10. Private & Confidential Part I: Logistics & Fulfillment 13:55 CASE STUDY Cross-device Tracking: How Can You Implement This Effectively And What Are The Pitfalls To Avoid? With multiple touch points of the consumer from mobile to tablet to desktop, how can you best track and identify your customer segments? How can you best user customer analytics to build your sales strategy and drive demand Making sense of your data to drive sales, customer segmentation and build effective product strategies, actionable data to promote better sales and product strategy 14:15 ALL STARS PANEL Tying Metrics To Revenue: How Can You Best Use Your CRM And Data To Increase Sales And Retention? How can you use your CRM and big data to build effective loyalty programs? What are the main CASE STUDY 13:55 Level Up eCommerce: How To Effectively Scale Up And Give Your eCommerce Business The Edge For Success How to effectively scale up and fulfill volumes at the lowest cost possible? What are the most important criteria to providing end to end commerce in Southeast Asia? Shifting from a B2B to B2C infrastructure, how to adapt and move the shakers of the industry? Dealing with customer services, call centers, how to best adapt the logistics and fulfillment value chain for Southeast Asia? Content Marketing: How Can You Generate More Stimulating Content To Improve User Experience? Presenter: Dan Ferguson, Chief Marketing Officer, DesignCrowd Presenter: Maximilian Bittner, CEO, Lazada Group ALL STARS PANEL Delivery & Fulfillment In eCommerce: How should you design and implement the entire eCommerce value chain How can you segment the region in terms of delivery? How do you shorten your delivery time and ensure all goods are on time, from 3-5 days to next day delivery? Outsourcing your delivery needs: is that the CREATIVE BOARDROOM 14:30 A more rigorous, creative and interactive approach to tackling the critical challenges you all face today. Collaborate with 11 of your peers to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to the office and test. Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points of disagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation, knowhow and insights from the collective brain power in the boardroom. CREATIVE BOARDROOM How to implement and incorporate cultural changes that come along with the establishment of a digital eCommerce department Presenter: Gary Wheelhouse, Head of Digital, Harvey Norman
  11. 11. Private & Confidential developments in this space to identify the right customer segments and build strategies accordingly? Speaker: Ashutosh Lawania, Cofounder, Myntra Srividya Sridharan, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research 15:10 CASE STUDY Infrastructure & Systems: Measuring The Added Value Of Successful Implementation And How To Start This At An Early Stage Integration of your systems and preparing for the eCommerce scale up, standardization of your eCommerce platforms to improve company’s market agility and efficiency Adapting to solutions on demand in the cloud best way to go? How to scale up your delivery and scale down your costs for fulfillment? Speaker: Pierre Poignant, COO, Lazada CASE STUDY Logistics & Fulfillment Optimization: How Can You Get Right Your Last Mile Delivery? How can you get right the last mile delivery? How can you improve with more time slots and more locations? Warehouses and storage in Southeast Asia: what is the answer to optimum delivery? 15:10 CREATIVE BOARDROOM How To Manage Your User Site Experience Across MultipleTouchpoints And Optimize Conversions On Site Presenter: Joyce Tsai, Head of Marketing, Groupon Presenter: Rostin Javadi, Managing Director, Zalora Malaysia 15:30 Refreshments & Networking Break 16:00 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY How To Track Your Marketing Payment Solutions In Southeast Asia: What Should Channel ROIs And Most Efficiently You Be Aware Of When Choosing Your Payment Allocate Marketing Budget Gateway? SYNERGY WORKSHOP START UP 101 Learning From The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The Region On How To
  12. 12. Private & Confidential What marketing channels are giving the best ROI? How should you allocate your marketing budget to get the highest ROI? Understanding the attribution model Understanding your customer data across multiple touchpoints and marketing channels, which gives you the best ROI Payment solutions variance in between each Southeast Asia regions Dealing effectively with fraud and adapting to the best payment solutions Do you always have to work with cash on delivery, what are the alternatives? Standardizing the payment solutions across South East Asia - How To Start Smart and Scale Hard - How To Use Data to Build Your Business - How To Build A Successful User Acquisition Infrastructure Max-F. Scheichenost, Founder & Managing Partner, Alps Ventures Co-founder and President, DocDoc Presenter: Brian Hui, VP of Marketing, Amazon China 16:20 CASE STUDY Delivering Actionable Data From Your Customer Analytics To Improve Sales And Drive Demand Presenter: CEO, Redmart Build Your eCommerce Business CASE STUDY Getting Perfect The Value Chain Across Your eCommerce Business How should you successfully integrate data from logistics as a central core of the business? How can you track the entire value chain of eCommerce? DailyDeal Gmbh, Co-founder (acquired by Google Inc.) 16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks The second day of the conference will be digging into online marketing and give you a comprehensive step by step exemplar model of the successful strategies proven to work. From engagement, to onsite user experience to conversion, the thought-leaders of the eCommerce world will share with you their experiences on optimizing customer experience and effectively integrating their multi-channels to create a seamless
  13. 13. Private & Confidential marketing campaign. You will also have the opportunity to hear from experts in the hottest regions such as China and India to capitalize on the opportunities of cross-border international eCommerce. 8.15 8.55 Registration Chairman’s Opening Remarks Rethinking Online Marketing 9:00 ALL STARS PANEL Beyond The Basics: How To Revamp Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Strategies To Gain A 360 Degree View Of The Customer Improve your current process which you determine the needs of your consumers How to leverage social media and new communication tools to understand the customer and project a new image How to adjust to new stages of omni-channel integration and engage customers on all fronts Panellist: Jonathan Yabut, Chief Marketing Officer, AirAsia Brian Hui, Head of Marketing, Amazon China Angelina Seow, CEO, Jooix Roger Yuen, CEO, Clozette 9:50 10:10 PRESENTATION Make it happen: Implementing a Scalable, Integrated Omni-Commerce Strategy What are the building blocks of online commerce Setting up a business road map Mapping the building blocks to your business road map Identifying the right solution Implementation strategy Speaker: Reshma Nagpal – CEO E-bee CASE STUDY Using Big Data Text Mining To Delve Into The Mindset Of Your Customers: What Are Your Consumers Really Saying? Presenter: Lee Yew Haur, Head of Business Analytics, Singapore Institute of Management University 10:30 11:00 INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT Sociomantic Networking & Coffee Break 11:30 OXFORD STYLE DEBATE This House Believes That “Gamification Is The Next Big Thing For Online Consumer Engagement” Fully engage with the most contentious and divisive issues currently facing your industry. Sit back and witness industry-leading
  14. 14. Private & Confidential 12:00 figures pitting themselves against each other in a battle to deliver the knockout argument. Then, continue the debate in your own small roundtable groups until you reach a majority viewpoint. Will you reconsider your position? And will you walk away with a fresh mind-set and better prepared to take on this key conundrum? Panellist: Keith Ng, CEO, Gametize Ben McIntosh, Senior Executive, Courts Lunch & Networking Breaks Customer Experience Life Cycle International eCommerce Part II: Opportunities and Growth Step 1: Engagement CASE STUDY CASE STUDY How To Use Social Media As A Long Term Engagement And Retention Tool 13:15 How do you successfully market to and increase conversions across a fragmented Southeast Asia region? Social Media engagement – an opportunity to turn a bane into a boon: selecting the right platforms/channels) Culture of collaboration and education to maximize opportunities How to listen to the consumer and strike a balance between Editorial Content Strategy and Promotional Messaging Measuring engagement success – online reputation and reach as KPI instead of ROI Presenter: Patrick Steinbrenner, Regional Director of Onsite Marketing, Zalora Presenter: Timothy Hou, Associate Director, Communications, Marina Bay Sands 13:35 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY How Can You Best Engage Audiences Thorough Multiple Devices And Generate Direct Traffic? How can you engage your customers personally and give them specific initiatives? How do you bring qualified traffic to the website which will convert? India: How to Approach Technology in E-Commerce: Automation vs. Intelligence The need for a paradigm shift in terms of how we think of using technology in e-commerce A look at Big Data as a natural outcome of this shift
  15. 15. Private & Confidential Presenter: Ivan Hudyana, Head of IT Product Marketing, Samsung Step 2: On-site User Experience Working relationship between the engineers and the business owners in relation to this concept Presenter: Amod Malviya, Senior Vice President, Head of Engineering., Flipkart CASE STUDY THE BIG DEBATE How To Build The Most Comprehensive User Experience Onsite 13:55 Building A Successful eCommerce Business: Is Having Local Office Presence Always A Necessity? Building a personalized, customized website catering for a variety of customer segments Optimising on-site experience, live chat, click to call How to build a seamless user experience? Jia En Teo, Co-founder, 14:15 CASE STUDY How can you adapt to regional and cultural differences? Would retailers only be successful with local knowledge and local content generator? Which countries are the ones which vary the most? How to adapt to the language differences across different regions and how to best adapt? Presenter: Dave Osh, CEO, Qnet Assessing Online Marketing Channels And How They Can Be Best Used: What Rate Of Conversion Can You Expect From Each And How Can You Grow Revenue? What types of channels are best for which kinds of promotions? What percentage and rate of conversion can you expect from individual channels? Alex Bono, COO, 42Ventures Ltd 15:05 Step 3: Conversion 15:40 Refreshments & Networking Break CASE STUDY CASE STUDY Tracking Social Media’s Conversion Over Time And Assessing The True ROI How do you track social media’s conversion over time? Can you really effectively convert on social media? China: How Can You Successfully Capitalize On The Growth Of The Chinese eCommerce Revolution? What retailers have successfully launched into China and how did they do it? What are the first Steps you need to prepare when launching
  16. 16. Private & Confidential How to drive ROI and sales over time " How social media can support your other marketing initiatives " Presenter: Ilias Chelidonis, Head of eCommerce, Meritus Hotels 16:00 16:20 into China? Once you have launched, how can you grow and compete with strong local players? CASE STUDY CASE STUDY Content Management On Site And What You Can Do To Is The Future Of eCommerce Mobile Commerce? Retain Your Customers Defining The Obstacles And Opportunities What are the best content management tips for conversion of users What are the projected growth trends for m-commerce change in Asia How to track the entire journey of consumers from engagement to conversion How do m-commerce differ with other types of eCommerce How to differentiate your product onsite How to drive volumes and increase average order value Presenter: Minh Bui, Southeast Asia eCommerce Marketeer Chairman’s Closing Remarks