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We design and develop mobile apps across platforms for various applications including business information access, brand engagement, work processing, ecommerce, search, file sharing, education and entertainment.

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Digital horizonsunifieddigitalmarketingbrochure

  1. 1. digitalh rizonsTake your brand digital with easeGlobal business perspectivesHolistic digital strategiesDeep understanding of digitalExpertise in brands and marketingStrong technology supportPredictable business outcomesPioneering methodology
  2. 2. Online branding and marketing needs to be high on a brands agenda toconnect with the large and growing internet and mobile audience.Unified Digital Marketing helps brands build reputation, grow loyalcommunities and generate leads. Unified Digital Marketing is a more compositeand advanced way of marketing and brand growth over the digital medium.Unified Digital Marketing simply called UnifieDM moulds and fits into theobjectives of any brand or business.If digital marketing uses individual tactics, Unified Digital Marketing extendsthis further by strategically unifying methods and focussing their synergiesaround your brand.Why unified digital marketing should be apart of your business?Unified Digital Marketing achieves higher interactivityby mobilising customers across different onlinechannels for your brand on a single platform,strategically creating customer engagement andbuilding a case for leads and referrals.Unified Digital Marketing can strategically createlong-term business outcomes for your brand.Digital MarketingUnified Digital Marketingdigitalh rizonsTM
  3. 3. Marketers can now be in touch with theircustomers on a more frequent basis withincreased level of personalisation andinteractivity with lower costs.TMUnified Digital Marketing methodologyapplies precision, frequency and innovation tokeep the brand in touch with customers andincrease loyalty. We provide clients withtechnology platforms and digital marketingservices to engage with their customers anduse sophisticated tools to track and analysemarket trends and activity.Our expertise lies in understanding customerbehaviour in the digital medium, marketingand selling products and services online,delivering integrated digital marketing, publicrelations, corporate communications andsocial media strategies, aligning them withbusiness objectives of brands and real-worldmarketing initiatives.We blend and integrate multiple methods andtechnologies, use push and pull techniquesand monitor feedback and market pulse forour brands. Our sophisticated technologiescombined with our marketing expertise ensurelasting support to our customers for theirbrands.Unified Digital Marketing MixOur understanding of business and brands helps us align ourprogrammes to deliver measured outcomes. We select andemploy methods and techniques in appropriate proportionsfor different scenarios in different stages of the onlinebusiness process. Perhaps, a critical role that we play is toassess situations and recommend methods that best meetbrand objectives and timelines.o Communitieso Mobileo Researcho Content / Journalingo Videoo Conversationso Applicationso Analytics
  4. 4. London . MaidenheadGlobal Operations: USA . IndiaEmail: Lyric Square, London W6 0NB T 020 7000 1884 F 020 7000 1887Registered in England & Wales. Company Number: 6544772All other brands and trademarks are the property of their respective Horizons Limiteddigitalh rizonsEvery customer is special to us and every brand objective isimportant for us to work towards. We understand andappreciate brands, business and marketing and this comesthrough in our commitment, innovation and discipline.Why we are specialooooooA persistent, continuous and structured focus on yourbrand and online interactionSeamless online and cross-channel initiatives to attractnew customers and drive repeat businessMaximised exposure across search engines, social mediaand online mediaEnhanced conversion rates, average order values andrevenuesNurturing of customers, fans and followers, turning repeatcustomers into brand advocatesMarket pulse through research, conversations andanalyticsWhat do we deliver?Follows us on:A growing portfolio of new age, global and heritage brands rely on us forstrategic and operational support for their digital initiatives.Digital Horizons, Digital Horizons Logo, Unified Digital Marketing, Unified Digital Marketing Logo, UnifieDM, UnifieDM logo are all trademarks of Digital Horizons.