Brand algorithms digital brand marketing presentation


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Brand Algorithms delivers Digital Brand Marketing solutions using a cloud-based technology platform.

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Brand algorithms digital brand marketing presentation

  1. 1. Brand Realities TodayRealities Consequences Brands go through avatars and extensions at Spotting trends and a faster frequency, as niche needs are identifying opportunities targeted need to be made a science The number of brands clamouring for attention has risen exponentially Brand communication needs to be novel and • Brands constantly compete to deliver the most needs to be quickly - satisfying and best-valued consumer experience customisable Consumer behaviour has changed in three fundamental ways: Brands need to • Brand loyalty is not as strong, and has to be constantly constantly monitor reaffirmed consumer buzz • Attention spans are decreasing • Expectations are higher
  2. 2. Business ImperativesBrands need to evolve based on:• New consumer trends and behaviour• Competition moves A Brand needs to offer• Advances in technology consumers an experience in line with their expectations; with these being set by the brand’s communication and by competition A Brand’s communication needs to: • Rise above the chatter in the marketplace, and should have novelty value; while also being of utility • Cater to different media types (online, mobile, TV, print, etc.) • Offer a seamless experience across different viewing platforms (desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet) Brand marketing programmes should be measurable with respect to their effectiveness and their RoI
  3. 3. Benefits of Digital Brand Marketing Consumer interactivity with respect to brand communications • In near real-time Rich content options, for brand communications • Niche user segments served customised content All data of user interaction is captured and available for analysis • Online marketing analytics allows segmentation and profiling to be carried out End-to-end measurement of activity effectiveness • Allows marketers to derive RoI per activity, per channel, per user segment Complements traditional marketing channels
  4. 4. About Team • Led by group of technologists and marketers • Working to leverage advances in digital technology for marketing • Team expertise in computing, marketing, digital media Approach • Cloud-based technology suite • Applying mathematics, computing and marketing • Powering and growing client brands online • Delivering speed, effectiveness, savings
  5. 5. The AdvantageTechnology• Focus on Analytics; refine and redesign existing activities; conceptualise new activities• Linking results of online marketing to offline sales channels• Using new technology platforms and practices• Developing new brand experience campaigns Marketing • Designing online campaigns that interact symbiotically with traditional campaigns • Using metrics to evaluate campaigns and generate measures for ROI and campaign effectiveness
  6. 6. Value Propositions Scalability • From low-volume, single-channel to high-volume multi-channel engagement Near Real-time information • User data analysed and made available in near real-time, abetting quicker response time Big Data and Analytics • Sophisticated analysis of all data collected Process Transparency and Accountability • Tools and workflow record and journal all online activities carried out on behalf of the company Adaptability • Customisation possible, to tailor tools to organisation’s requirements
  7. 7. Call-to-Action 2-hour discussion on digital brand marketing
  8. 8. www.brandalgorithms.comThank You @brandalgorithms