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  1. 1. How Football Social Media ischanging the Beautiful Game
  2. 2. WHO AM I?Sean WalshHead of Social Media at BlueclawFounder of
  3. 3. DIGITAL-FOOTBALL.COM“the leading intersection between football &social media” –
  5. 5. FOOTBALL SOCIAL MEDIA?•46 million Twitter users follow a Football Club•120+ million follow a Football Club on Facebook•Cristiano Ronaldo alone has 50m Facebook fans –more than Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Starbucks &even Real Madrid•Euro 2012’s final holds the record for ‘most tweets persecond’ with 15,000tps
  6. 6. THE GOOD...
  7. 7. THE BAD... ?
  8. 8. ...AND THE UGLY
  9. 9. GAME CHANGERFootball Social Media has radically changed the way the football fan interactsand follows his or her football club. Channels like Facebook and Twitter havegiven fans a platform to engage on club matters directly with the need for themainstream press.By 2014, we expect the number of Twitter users to be following a footballclub to be doubled (circa 90 million).Clubs are only just getting to grips with how to use the channels.The next step is monetisation and gaining return on investment.
  11. 11. PRESS EVOLUTION• Twitter has become the go to sourcefor breaking news. Twitter was circa 6minutes faster than Sky Sports News ontransfer deadline day for announcingdeals.•Journalists are increasingly usingTwitter as a way to create stories andquotes without ever having to actuallyinterview a player.•The post match press conference willsoon be overtaken by the post-matchTweet•Mainstream press have weakened asnew media bloggers grow in influence
  12. 12. DATATAINMENTThe data has value, previously it has been kept in-house and behind guarded doors,but there is a recognition now that clubs need to help this space develop. There are alot of people out there blogging and doing their own research and they can do a lotmore with this data. - Richard Ayers (Man City)
  13. 13. CONNECTED STADIUMS• Allow fans to share their game-dayexperiences via social media applicationseasily accessible from their mobiledevices.• Provide customised applications thatcreate an immersive and interactivegame-day environment• Help ensure consistent and reliableconnectivity• In addition to this, there’s a wholespectrum of new possibilities to accesscontent and engage with visitors duringnon-gaming days, aka stadium tours.
  14. 14. PROTECTING THE BRAND •One tweet can harm the performance of an entire season – player tweets, player banned, team loses cup. •Transfers, tactics, publicity, even share price at risk. •Teams still lost about how to deal with rogue players – social media is emotive. •Wrong and right doesn’t work. •Plan & educate players why it’s wrong and right.
  15. 15. LEGALITY •Improper comments may bring the game into disrepute •References on personal ethnicity, race, faith, disability, sexual orientation etc. will be punished at a higher level •Players accept responsibility for their own accounts •all comments are considered public by the FA •Disciplinary action for simply retweeting improper content – thereby removing the excuse that somebody else had made the comment. •Players are also advised that simply deleting a social media posting will not prevent disciplinary action.
  16. 16. MONEY.Social media needs to quantitatively showwhere it can improve:- Match day revenues Gate receipts, match day promotions,season tickets etc.- Broadcasting revenues Domestic and international- Commercial revenues Sponsorships and merchandising
  17. 17. KEY POINTS• ROI – hard but a must•Sports fans are emotive and tribal – social mediashould reflect this•Give the fans what they want•Data is the life blood for a football fan, createcontent around it
  18. 18. KEY POINTS• Connectivity – can your fans even Tweet?• Players will always be idiots unless you educatethem – easier said than done...• Social must be integrated through the club fromtop down•Listen, plan, engage & react
  19. 19. THE END! @walshybhoy Always on the look out for contributors! Questions?