Presentation the-business-pi-ppt-unit-2


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Presentation the-business-pi-ppt-unit-2

  1. 1. ‘The customer is always right’ or are they?What is customer service like in your country?
  2. 2. Corner shop / local store Designer store Delicatessen Coffee shopWhat is your favourite shop and why?How often do you go there?What do you like to buy there?
  3. 3. Do you shop indepartment stores? Why? Why not?
  4. 4. company customer money news information accommodationprogress Well done! helpline research equipment phone call overtime employee Countable nouns Uncountable nouns Countable OR Uncountable
  5. 5. company customer money news information accommodationprogress research equipment phone call helpline overtime employee many1. Human Resources wants us to reduce our head count : how _______ ____________ are there currently in this department? employees a lot money2. We’ve spent __________ of __________on office equipment this year.3. I’m worried about the long hours you have been working. How much overtime ________ _____________ did you do last month?4. The director wants an update on the repair work to the building. How much progress _________ ___________ have the builders made? a lot research5. The company is doing _________ of market __________. We want to know what that customer really thinks of the new product line.
  6. 6. help put me through ask calling back give can helpReceptionist: Niven and Sellars. How (1) ___________ I (2) _________ you? Can put me throughCarlos: Good morning. (3) ________you _________________ to Marco Grella, please? Can askR: One moment. (5) ________ I (6) _________ who’s calling?C: My name’s Carlos Torres. Would you mindR: Putting you through now, Mr Torres. Oh, Mr Grella’s line’s busy. (7) ________________ calling back(8) _________________ in ten minutes? Can giveC: No, that’s fine. (9) _____________ you (10) ___________me his direct number, please?R: Certainly, his extension number is 357.C: Thank you. Good bye.R: Good bye.
  7. 7. Student A (SB p.23 Roleplay) Would you Would you mind checking mind fetching these accounts my passport for me please? for me? Would you Would you mind helping like me to go me make a to the bank conference for you? call to China?
  8. 8. Student B (SB p.23 Roleplay) Can you give Would you me last mind helping month’s sales me with my figures case? please? Would you like Would you me to check mind helping what time our me write flight leaves? some emails in English?
  9. 9. Student A Student BGreet the customer Explain the problemAsk for more information. Give more informationApologize for the problem Ask what the company will doand explain why it happened. about the problem.Make an offer to keep thecustomer happy (refund / Accept the offer and thank thediscount / exchange) person for their help
  10. 10. Rank these customer service bad habits (1=the worst) slow staff rude staff unhelpful staff staff ignoring you staff not giving you an answer being put on hold
  11. 11. Which are the best hotels that you have stayed in?Which are the worst hotels that you have stayed in? Which hotel would you like to stay in?
  12. 12. How could you offer to help?