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Katherine heigl “lights up” on letterman


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Katherine heigl “lights up” on letterman

  1. 1. Katherine Heigl visited David Letterman recently while touring to promote her newest film and discussed her experiences with cigarettes and nicotine products. Heigl and Letterman both joked and made light of how she started smoking at a laughingly late 25, and how she had many times attempted to quit. The conversation soon turned to Heigl’s new smoking alternative, Electronic Cigarettes. Letterman was curious as to how smokeless cigarettes work. She produced an e-cigarette and explained how the device, which is no more than a miniature vaporizer, produces vapor from liquid nicotine rather than smoke from flammable materials found in cigarettes. Katherine discussed the many ways she’d previously tried to quit, but made it very clear how much she is enjoying her new smoking alternative. Heigl was also kind enough to share a quick “smoke” with Letterman who made quite a moment of it.