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Horseback Riding and Protective Gear: A Match Made in Heaven


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Horseback Riding and Protective Gear: A Match Made in Heaven

  1. 1. Horseback Riding and Protective Gear: A Match Made in Heaven<br />Safety is of the utmost concern when riding a horse. However, some riders aren't wearing the proper protective gear.<br />It is important your helmet is Equestrian certified. If it is not, you could be setting yourself up for a serious injury. If your helmet does not carry the ASTM/SEI certification tag, it hasn't been tested and could exert too much force on your head.<br />Why You Need A Certified Helmet<br /><ul><li>The unexpected can, and does, happen. Even if your horse is trained, it is not trained against disaster.
  2. 2. You could fall or slip off your horse.
  3. 3. Falling from even two feet without a helmet can cause serious brain damage.
  4. 4. If you survive, you may have to live with epilepsy, serious impairment and personality changes.
  5. 5. The cost of a helmet is much less than the cost of a hospital bill</li></ul>Many people think a helmet will be large and cumbersome. This used to be true, but now you can buy helmets that are light and fit well. They will not be uncomfortable and will adequately protect your head. <br />Where Can I Find A Certified Helmet?<br />Many online retailers offer certified helmets in all sizes and price ranges. You can also adjust your helmet to fit a wool beanie for wear during colder months. We at Rawhide Ranch prefer Troxel Helmets, made here in Southern California and available at a wide variety of Equestrian and Tack Stores.<br />Via:<br />