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Camden Primary Science CPD


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Some slides about the Frozen Oceans Primary resources and more for the Camden Primary Science CPD. See to download the classroom resources.

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Camden Primary Science CPD

  1. 1. Antarctica– whyshould wecare?Exploring the polarregionsin Primary Science
  2. 2. Inspiring young people to become global citizens…
  3. 3. Clockwise from top left: working on the Catlin Arctic Survey; visiting a madrassa in Pakistan; live lesson from the AtlasMountains; powering a polar base with renewables; chatting with schools from Antarctica.… by working with pupils and experts on the edge of our understanding
  4. 4. …and transforming adventures into learning journeysClockwise from top left: curriculum booklet for Citizenship; multimedia resources; curriculum booklet for Geography;multimedia software; classroom poster; Google Earth tours
  5. 5. Frozen Oceans (Primary) CollectionScience + cross-curricular aimed at Key Stage 2
  6. 6. Sarah Outen (London2London Expedition) – LIVE!!Living Things Key Stage 2
  7. 7. Sustainable FisheriesScience and Geography Key Stage 2
  8. 8. Coral OceansGoogle Earth activities Key Stage 3Science Key Stage 2 coming soon!
  9. 9. ConnectSkypeTwitterFacebookCreateVideoYouTubeBlogsPlayGamesExperimentsActivitiesLibraryLesson plansVideosPresentationsCreating a learning journeyBringing the world to the classroom
  10. 10. TechnologyConnectSkype (webcam /mic)TwitterFacebookCreateVideo camera(mobile phone)Editing software(freeish e.g.iMovie, WindowsMovie Maker)LibraryComputerSpeakersInternet accessDigital projectorScreen