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PiT 29 October 2014 Presentation - Seqwater


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This Partners in Technology briefing provided an opportunity for local ICT industry representatives to hear from Shaun Nesbitt, Chief Information Officer, Seqwater

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PiT 29 October 2014 Presentation - Seqwater

  1. 1. Partners In Technology
  2. 2. Shaun Nesbitt Seqwater Partners in Technology (PiT) - 29 October 2014
  3. 3. Who we are • Our Seqwater established 1 January 2013 • $10.8 billion in assets • Supplies water to more than three million people and 1200 irrigators • Flood mitigation – one of the largest flood mitigation dams in the country in Wivenhoe
  4. 4. Who we are Recreation – we manage the most open and developed drinking water catchments in the country, visited by more than 2.5 million people annually We are one of Australia’s largest and most diverse water authorities
  5. 5. Our major assets • 26 dams • 51 weirs • 14 bores and aquifers • 37 water treatment plants • 22 bulk water pump stations • 35 bulk water reservoirs • 600km bulk water supply pipeline network • Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme • Gold Coast Desalination Plant
  6. 6. Our Responsible Ministers The Hon. Mark McArdle MP Minister for Energy and Water Supply The Hon. Tim Nicholls MP Treasurer and Minister for Trade
  7. 7. Our structure Chief Executive Officer Water Supply Strategy & Policy Asset Portfolio Development & Delivery Operations – Catchment & Raw Water Operations – Treated Water Service, People & Technology Finance Office of the CEO Executive Assistant Manager, External Relations General Counsel and Company Secretary Legal Board Administration • Water Supply Strategy • Asset Portfolio Planning • Asset Investment Governance • Water Supply Policy • Regulatory (incl Economic) • Research, Science and Technology • Catchment Strategy • Asset Portfolio Development • Business case and options analysis • Asset Investment Management • Asset Delivery • Engineering Design, Standards and Systems • Asset Management Maintenance Planning • Water Quality • Environment • Dam Operations • Flood Manual Development • Dam Safety • Interface with Dam Safety Regulator • Analysis & assessment of dam storages • Recreation Management • Catchment Operations • Strategy • Governance • Risk and compliance • Brand Management • Community and stakeholder engagement Human Resource Management • Safety Strategy & Policy • Safety Management System • ICT/IS • Business Improvement • Network Management • Water Treatment Operations • Network Operations • Corrective maintenance and inspections • Network Operations • Incident Management • Finance • Strategic Procurement • Fleet • Property Management • Treasury Management • Financial Modelling
  8. 8. Our strategic direction • Our vision Healthy communities. Prosperous region. • Our purpose Partnering to enhance the productivity of the region’s water supply assets by delivering safe, secure water and catchment services as required by customers and communities.
  9. 9. Our challenge • Our customers are the SEQ community • The affordability of water is an increasingly significant issue for our customers and we must make water more affordable • We must deliver a safe, secure and reliable water supply at the least cost to our customers
  10. 10. Relocation to ICON Ipswich • In October 2013, announced relocation of staff from Brisbane CBD and Karalee to Ipswich • 340 staff moved in planned stages between January and July 2014 • The move consolidated employees in one building, strengthened our regional presence and supported a whole of government strategy for the building
  11. 11. Relocation to ICON Ipswich • Network reconfiguration allowing the reuse of network assets • Move simplified by having remote data centres • Achieved in a 5 week period • 380 users • Desktops • Printers/MFDs • Building fit-out including Audio Visual
  12. 12. ICT Merger and Consolidation Project - New Corporate Domain • The ICT Merger activities have been underway since September 2012. • Project activities included re-engineering parts of the ICT infrastructure and combining data and applications across the business – Five data centres across three organisations with servers and IT equipment – 100+ Business applications including CIS, SAP etc. – Three desktop operating environments including email, word and excel etc. – Multiple repositories of information – TRIM, Filenet, G drive, etc. • The achievements to date have been – Provided staff with a new single corporate Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 environment, to allow collaboration on a single desktop/email platform and access to the same information stores and applications – Provided cost savings to the business by reducing the amount of ICT equipment, applications and complexity – Established an ICT capability fit for the expanded Seqwater business.
  13. 13. ICT Strategy connection
  14. 14. The role of ICT in Seqwater Information architecture Technology architecture Governance & ICT risk Business analysis ICT program management Information assurance Information management Process improvement Application owner Vendor management Infrastructure & integration Data technology Collaboration Technology platforms Create Manage Dispose Information Lifecycle Management ICT responsibility Enterprise Business Architecture Models integration of business and IT capabilities across an enterprise Aligns business initiatives to values and priorities of an organisation Promotes IT investments to support business strategies Subject matter expert Content owner Content accountability Application super user Business responsibility
  15. 15. ICT Function
  16. 16. Transforming our Support Functions • Water Quality • Environmental Monitoring • Control Systems • Water usage and demand • Whole of Business Innovation • Business Process Improvement
  17. 17. ICT Guiding Principles
  18. 18. ICT Challenges • Moves to as-a-service, consider options – Contestability of ICT services • Correct balance between process, innovation and delivery • The right projects, and priorities • Ensuring the value of initiatives • Planning and workforce management • Information Management • Role of ICT.
  19. 19. Initiatives for FY14/15 Strong leadership Information Enabled Operational Efficiency Customer Connected ICT Strategy Enterprise Architecture G20 security assessment ICT Governance ICT Policies and Risk Business Intelligence Electronic Document and Records Management Corporate Information System Control domain to support Monitoring and Control Systems Workflow Technical Rationalisation Asset lifecycling Service Catalogue, total cost of ownership and contestability Resilience (disaster recovery, business continuity) and Performance Capacity Planning Mobility Program Desktop and Standard Operating Environment Organisational Incident and Risk Management CRM Emergency Control Centre Control Room
  20. 20. How we source and engage • A Government Entity established under the water restructuring act 2007 • Governed by the Queensland Procurement Policy and our internal Policies and Procedures • Engage using the GITC framework with accredited suppliers • Open market opportunities are published on Qtenders website • Undertake Early Market Engagement
  21. 21. Ideas and Innovation Shaun Nesbitt Brent Phillips ICT Sourcing and Contracts Don’t just send a company capability statement, think about our business, our diversity of work, our challenges.
  22. 22. Q&A PANEL Partners in Technology (PiT) February 2014 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under Copyright © The State of Queensland (Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts) 2013 The presenter is the author and that the State of Queensland is copyright owner and/or has the right to licence the content.