Personal Branding by Digital Dolphins


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Personal Branding by Digital Dolphins

  1. 1. Personal Branding For individuals passionate about their brand image By Digital Dolphins Communications
  2. 2. Part 1: Why blogging is thebest way to build theBrand YouPart 2: How Digital Dolphinswill help you build theBrand You
  3. 3. Why Blogging toBuild Brand “You”
  4. 4. "Your personal brand is a promise to your clients... a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability." Jason Hartman
  5. 5. Personal branding is the process where people and their careers are marked as brandsMany people get branded unintentionally but if you are serious about it there arevarious ingredients which shape up your brand, right from what you wear, where you work, how you converse and how you leave messages on your online brand footprint
  6. 6. A clear brand image is essential for others to believe in you and to follow youand it would eventually help you in both your personal andprofessional life because you will stand out from the crowd!
  7. 7. In Urban centers in India 93% ofpeople between the age bracket 18 - 38 are online Increase your online share of voice to distinguish yourself!
  8. 8. Online Resume vs. Offline Resume We are heading towards a future where if you blog and have an online resume on your blog, then you will be perceived as a very valuable asset for a prospective employer. Your opinions and thoughts is what will distinguish youfrom others in 2011 and beyond, not just previous projects that only make you a part of the huge job seeking crowd out there.
  9. 9. 200 million websites today and will grow 40000 times in 10 years! This means that everything isgoing to be on the web, if you don’t have a healthy personal online reputation/active space then you will loose out on many opportunities.
  10. 10. Increase online share of voice= start blogging!
  11. 11. Perception of blogging Myths Truths It is about writing It takes time to be about your life established It is just about It endorses you as a posting articles brand Have to write It creates opportunities everyday It allows you to expressYou are nobody, why It may give you some will anyone read money your articles? Promotion is very veryIt earns a lot of money time consumingIt is too complicated
  12. 12. * Source: 22% of the most popular sites are blogging sites An average blogger spends 23 hours blogging each week120,000 blogs created everyday across the world 5.4 million blog posts posted everyday Start Blogging and connect it with different social networking platforms
  13. 13. How Digital Dolphins WillHelp You Build Brand “You”
  14. 14. So what are we offering you?• Designer site & blog with the URL of your choice• All the plugins and widgets and other accessories• Cool applications to help you optimize your blog• Hosting for your site with five email ids• Continuous SEO for your blog• Editing (if required) and proof reading of all your articles• Email marketing for your blog• Dedicated Facebook community for the topic of your blog• Support on getting the best out of Twitter and Linkedin• Complete guidance on how to promote your blog• Support on writing effective articles and get greater exposure• Promote you in various blog directories• Generating back links of your blog/site on various other blogs
  15. 15. And what do we charge?Deliverables Cost (Rs)Designing and setting up website/blog and 15,000custom designed profiles/pages onFacebook and Twitter (one time)Maintenance and promotion (monthly,recurring) 5000
  16. 16. Questions Please!
  17. 17. Do I need to have a blog on my site? Yes, you should. We will tell you why. 80 million names are googled everyday. In such a scenario, what are the chances that someone searching for you or your profession reaches your site. Not much, if you have a static site, where nothing happens. Search engines like Google love sites which are dynamic and which keep getting updated regularly. A blog on your site helps you make your site dynamic and SEO friendly. You just have to write keyword oriented articles revolving around your area of expertise on your blog and the search engines will do the rest for you. Moreover you should restrict yourself to your niche on your blog. Don’t be general, be specific and you will brand yourself faster!
  18. 18. I am a photographer, designer, painter, illustrator What about me? In that case you have an excellent opportunity to build your online portfolio on your blog. Keep uploading your pictures/ designs/ illustrations on regular intervals and you will keep getting more and more exposure. You will not have to write anything. But the rules of blogging/branding remain the same.
  19. 19. Ready to get yourself branded? Contact us now! +91-22-22633315