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Separation the big lie


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Separation the big lie

  1. 1. In the grip of a false idea
  2. 2. Separation Of Church and
  3. 3. The entire idea has been invented and contrived to fool the people
  4. 4. It is an intellectual and rational contrivance with no bearing on reality.
  5. 5. Man will be ruled either by God or by Satan
  6. 6. Separation of church and state is the choice to be ruled by Satan
  7. 7. To be ruled by God is a divine proscription. This we shall have if, and only if, we will obey God
  8. 8. This mankind once had...
  9. 9. and will again...
  10. 10. just as soon as we make that choice.
  11. 11. The Kingdom of God is a real government that once ruled men...
  12. 12. andwill again...
  13. 13. when we will have it
  14. 14. For more info, please visit this blog