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Changing Media Landscape


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Lecture slides about community, process and a changing media landscape.

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Changing Media Landscape

  1. 1. The changing media landscape JN2053 Digital Newsroom
  2. 2. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Core skills Newsgathering Basic IT and internet skills Awareness of online sites Ability to re-version and re-purpose finding own stories
  3. 3. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom The process Find a story Research the story Report on the story
  4. 4. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Sources Digital equivalents None-traditional sources Think where ! Email Blogs Forums
  5. 5. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Social media Updates and discussion Real-time Real time sourcing Real -time reporting Real-time pressures
  6. 6. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Sources of content Social media content Multimedia Stories and experience Source, Audience or publisher? Real people
  7. 7. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Community Community of interest Community of geography Audience focus Location awareness
  8. 8. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom Crowdsourcing Distributed reporting Open-source reporting Citizen Journalism Use the community as part of the process Identify the tools to manage Cultivate a relationship
  9. 9. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom The (digital)process Manage the flow of information Access less ‘traditional sources’ Identify and ‘use’ communities Use content generate by communities
  10. 10. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom The (digital)process Does quality and exclusivity suffer? Build relationships with the communities we ‘use’ Have tools in place to manage Don’t fall foul of the law Don’t fall foul of the community
  11. 11. #digitalnewsroom #digitalnewsroom keywords Community Social Media Crowdsourcing
  12. 12. #digitalnewsroom Go forth and... Check WEBct MIP Assignment Briefs Skills tests
  13. 13. #digitalnewsroom Image credits