Travel seo & linkbuilding strategies


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We look at a number of effective Travel SEO Link Building Ideas and Strategies to build great links to your site to increase your search engine rankings, reduce your PPC costs, improve brand visibility and to bring in more customers & Conversions

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Travel seo & linkbuilding strategies

  1. 1. 1 November 2013 Travel SEO & LinkBuilding Strategies
  2. 2. Firstly grab the GOOD but Free links 2 Step 1: Grab the FREE Low Hanging Fruit Business Directories Niche Travel Directories (relevance is the new 01/11/2013 CSS Galleries
  3. 3. Submit your URL to Business Directories 3 Business Directories: Free to submit to – often with travel subsections (relevance and semantics) Great for Local SEO Free (generally) Pro tip: Scrape directories from Google SERPS, filter by PR/pages indexed/ #backlinks/# referring domains, then 01/11/2013 submit to the cream of the crop
  4. 4. Submit your website to Travel Directories 4 Travel Directories Free to submit to Can usually find sites in your specific niche (e.g. Winter travel) Super-relevant makes links worthwhile – focus on relevancy vs Generics Plenty of travel directories with great domain level metrics – links have true value 01/11/2013
  5. 5. Take advantage of authority CSS Directories 5 CSS / Site showcase sites & Directories for backlinks Some showcase sites are pr6, pr7 Free to submit to If your site is good enough you can often get featured on homepage of a gallery site and enjoy a lot of link-equity (some sites are pr7!) Sites have subsections for niches for relevance Links are permanent 01/11/2013
  6. 6. Scaling the research, selection & submission process 6 Scrape Search engine results pages for candidate sites (Scrapebox is good for this) Check domain level metrics using ScrapeBox and other tools (eg SEOGadget’s tool) Automate part of the submission process using RoboForm Pro or 01/11/2013 another form-filler app (with custom fields) 
  7. 7. Become a Travel News Authority 7 Leverage Industry-Related News & Events Get ‘the scoop’ and the links follow immediately Tactical Coverage fosters links, Shares & Relationships Get syndicated where it gets eyeballs & Counts (NewsNow Travel Section, Google 01/11/2013 News) 
  8. 8. Do something newsworthy and tell the world 8 Do something noteworthy in your vertical Shout about it, let everyone know [social, email. Press-releases] E.g. released / releasing a travel app? =>  Possible to get coverage & links from big newspapers, travel tech sites, general tech sites (VERY easy to get links from tech sites) 01/11/2013
  9. 9. Leverage Charity Tie-ins for Links + PR 9 Everyone loves ‘giving’ and getting involved with charity and other good causes No shortage of big travel brands getting involved in charity    Easy way to get links that cannot be bought or traded – e.g. 01/11/2013 from travel forums, news sections on even your competitors’ sites
  10. 10. Use Celebrities in Your Content Marketing 10 Tapping into the fan-bases of celebrities can be great for attracting site visitors Increase brand-awareness and credibility, and of course garnering links from relevant sites and related sites E.g ski companies can garner links from winter snowsports sites/forums/blogs  01/11/2013
  11. 11. Know Your Customer & Write Great Content For Them 11 Use Personas for site visitor modelling Use internal search data to fill in blank spots in your own content Use personas for Q&A Type content 01/11/2013 
  12. 12. Leverage events + structured data 12 People attending events need to get there and often need to stay there Event names are low competition search-terms – easy to rank for Microformats like hEvent make your data easily understood (vs read) by Search Engines Search Engines <3 structured Data  01/11/2013
  13. 13. Affiliate program => Links 13 As well as bringing in business, affiliate programs can be a smart way to build links too. It’s possible to get SEO value from affiliate links (if done in a smart way) 01/11/2013 
  14. 14. Use Infographics & Novel Data Visualization to Share Data 14 Leverage your own internal data => give insights + share People like to share ‘good looking data’ Plenty of free data visualization tools to package your data in a nice way 01/11/2013 Make it sharable => get links 
  15. 15. Use Reviews For huge SEO Benefits 15 Rich Snippets to ‘Outclick’ Competitors in SERPs PPC - use trustpilot to get critical mass of good reviews for review stars in your PPC listing – increased CTR benefits  50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates: User-Generated Content & long-tail targeting  01/11/2013
  16. 16. Tactical Content-Marketing Partnerships 16 Partner with companies which offer related services that your customers can use without causing negative ROI for you E.g ski holiday company + ski apparel providers Mountain holdiday company + Walking boots companies Tactical partnership => blogging => links =>cross01/11/2013 brand endorsements 
  17. 17. DDM - Travel SEO + Link-building Agency 17 Read more Travel SEO Linkbuilding strategy advice and ideas on our Marketing blog Travel SEO and link development is what we do  Get in touch to discuss your specific Travel SEO requirements. 01/11/2013