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User Experience and Ebooks


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What User Experience Experts can teach Publishers - slides from a live WEBcast on 3/31/2011. Audio available to members of Digital Book World. Learn more at

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User Experience and Ebooks

  1. 1. Reader Experience and Ebooks What User Experience Experts Can Teach Publishers Todd Toler Director of User Experience, John Wiley & Sons | @solidstateux Whitney Quesenbery Principal, WQUsability and author of Storytelling for User Experience | @whitneyq Brett Sandusky Director of Product Innovation, Kaplan | @bsandusky Anne Kostick Partner, Foxpath IND | | @digibookworld | #dbw
  2. 2. Laura Dawson Content Chief, Firebrand Technologies | | @ljndawson Pablo Defendini Interactive Producer, Open Road Media | | @pablod Kate Rados Marketing Director, F+W Media | | @katerados Bridget Warren Former Co-Owner, Vertigo Books | | @vertigobooks Matt Mullin Community Relations Manager, Digital Book World | | @digibookworld | #dbw
  3. 3. “In the world of software application development, UX designers and researchers physically watch people using an application and determine information about them and their needs through observation. In the eBook world, the ability to track usage data, feature adoption, and time spent with each product has meant that we have a whole new world open to us, and a new way of conceiving of and talking about our products and product development. Digital products have brought the customer back into the equation.” — Brett Sandusky. “Portraits of an Industry in Flux: Digital publishing and UX,” UX Magazine | @digibookworld | #dbw
  4. 4. “We all tell stories. Its one of the most natural ways to share information, as old as the human race. This book is not about a new technique, but how to use something we already know in a new way.” ― Whitney Quesenbery Storytelling for User Experience | @digibookworld | #dbw
  5. 5. Tackling Complicated Design to Deliver Better Than Print | @digibookworld | #dbw
  6. 6. Satisfying Readers Across | @digibookworld | #dbw
  7. 7. — screenshots from The Atavist iPad | @digibookworld | #dbw
  8. 8. “The thing about eBooks is that they are such a part of the print production process, almost like an afterthought of that whole workflow, that they dont get planned in the same way that our other digital stuff gets planned. So now youve got this strange situation where the print production people and typesetters, who also bundle up the eBooks into their various special formats, are being asked to do stuff thats basically user experience design. Its just a strange moment in the evolution of all the technologies.” — Todd Toler. “Portraits of an Industry in Flux: Digital publishing and UX,” UX Magazine | @digibookworld | #dbw
  9. 9. IBM’s Customer Facing Solutions Strategy | @digibookworld | #dbw
  10. 10. Erin Scime, HUGE | @digibookworld | #dbw
  11. 11. Product and Marketing Lifecycle Product: Planning & Ideation Marketing: Planning & Ideation Prod: Design & Prototype Mktg: Design & Prototype Performance Analysis Prod: Development & Execution Mktg: Monitoring Mktg: Development & ExecutionProduct: Monitoring Marketing: Launch Product: | @digibookworld | #dbw
  12. 12. Thank You for Attending. Next Episode: The next WEBcast will be held live on  Thursday, April 7 @ 1pm EST / 10am PST. Keep in Touch Follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn  Group, and subscribe to our RSS feed and  enewsletter to receive the latest information  on our events, and insights on the latest news  and trends from top publishing strategists  and technology | @digibookworld | #dbw