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iModerate: Ebook Buying Behavior of Multi-Function Device Users


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The objective of this study is to discover how and why consumers read ebooks on multi-function devices. In addition, the inquiry will explore users’ ebook reading habits, as well as gain insight into actual purchasing behaviors using these devices. To accomplish this research, iModerate will first engage consumers in one-on-one chats to derive qualitative direction into their ebook reading behaviors. Results of these sessions will inform a more comprehensive quantitative survey of ebook readership on multi-function devices to further assess trends in their book buying behavior.

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iModerate: Ebook Buying Behavior of Multi-Function Device Users

  1. 1. Consumer Trends in Ebook Readership Using Multi-Function Devices Jen Drolet and Laurie Brock January 26th, 2011 Adam Rossow and Jen Drolet, iModerate, USAPart 3: Session 3, Convenor Andrew Jeavons, Chair Susan Sweet, schedule = 04:49pm to 05:16pm (EST/New York)
  2. 2. Background & MethodologyPurpose:o To understand how portable, multi-function devices or MFDs (e.g.,iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc) arechanging consumer book readinghabits Audience:Phase 1: o Males and females, agedo Purely qualitative exercise with 18+ years, who own and useN = 30 one-on-one, online sessions a multi-function device, and have read at least one ebookPhase 2: on this device within the pasto Hybrid quantitative-qualitative six monthsexercise with N = 304 surveys andN = 60 one-on-one, online sessions BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  3. 3. Convenience Motivates Ebook Readership on MFDsTop three reasons why MFD users enjoy reading on their devicecompared to print are: o Convenience for traveling (80%) “I like not having to go to the library or o Ease of purchasing ebooks (61%) bookstore to get a book. It is especially o Backlit screen (40%) convenient with two small children.”The most common occasions for reading on MFDs include: o While traveling on airplanes, trains, buses, etc. (72%) o While waiting for an appointment (doctor, car service, etc) (72%) o Just to relax (e.g. in bed at night, resting on weekend) (70%) “It’s the convenience factor. When I am stuck at the doctors office or waiting in line I can read anything at any time.” BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  4. 4. Reading Ebooks on Multi-Function Devices Often Increases Overall Readership of MFD readers have increased their overall reading habits66% since they started reading ebooks on their devices. “I carry my iPad all the time and having books on it gets me to read a lot more.”89% will likely read more ebooks in the coming year. “It has renewed my love of books!”46% were inspired to read more books in print after reading ebooks. “Reading ebooks are convenient and easier on the go, but I still really enjoy a real book.” BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  5. 5. Attitudes and Buying Behaviors 65% of MFD readers consume a combination of both free and purchased ebooks.For those who read both, on average, 57% were purchased and 43% were free. Just 18% of MFD readers are reading only purchased ebooks. 90% wish there were more free ebooks. 73% download their ebooks from Amazon making it by far the most utilized retailer for ebooks. BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  6. 6. Consumer Profiles: Avid & Renewed Readers Mike the Renewed Reader o Purchased MFD for other functions and stumbled upon the ereader program o Uses ereaderSarah the Avid Reader when it’s conveniento Primarily purchased her o Enjoys the easyMFD for reading accessibility and theo Actively uses ereader added entertainmentwhenever possible featureo Loves access to lots ofbooks and the reasonable costof purchasing them BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  7. 7. Consumer Profile: Avid ReadersSarah has always been an avid reader. It’s her favorite hobby and a big part of herlife. She purchased her iPad primarily as an ereader, but also finds itsmultifunctionality fun and compelling. She churns through book after book whileriding the train into the city for work, waiting for her kids during soccer practice, readsin bed long into the night while her husband is asleep (thank you backlit screen!).For Sarah, the draw of her iPad is threefold: it ensures that she always has a myriadof books at hand, allows her 24/7 instant access to any title she can imagine, andsaves money because ebooks cost less than print. BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  8. 8. Consumer Profile: Renewed Readers Mike was not a big reader before buying his Android phone, but has rediscovered books thanks to an application that came preloaded on it. Before ebooks, he never would have thought to grab a book for entertainment while commuting or waiting at the tire repair shop, but now, instead of reading the old magazines or listening to music, he reads books. For Mike, reading is driven more by the device than vice versa. He is motivated to read because his Android makes it accessible, instant and easy. To some extent, Mike thinks of books in the same way he thinks of games or the Internet – entertainment on demand. Also, the fact that ebooks are relatively inexpensive has removed one of his main barriers to purchase. Because of this, he plans to continue reading more in the coming year.BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  9. 9. Consumers Embrace Reading on MFDsDrivers for using MFDs for ebooks: o Convenience, portability and easy access to ebooks o CostTwo main types of readers: o Readers who purchase the device specifically for reading o Readers who started reading more as another entertainment feature Multi-function devices are energizing people to read more overall, including more printed books BROCK-ASSOCIATES
  10. 10. Contact Us Laurie Brock Brock Associates (303) 830-8307 Jen Drolet iModerate (303) 928-8407BROCK-ASSOCIATES