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Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors


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Transmedia is officially a buzzword, but depending on whom you ask, its definition will vary wildly. The consistent thread running through most definitions, whether in advertising, film, or gaming, is story — and no one knows the value of a story better than publishers and authors.

In this free WEBcast, Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors, we will define transmedia from a publishing perspective, explore the opportunities (and challenges) it presents, and discuss how it changes the traditional models of content creation and acquisition.

* What is transmedia, and who’s doing it right?
* Where do books, print and digital, fit in the transmedia picture?
* What are the rights issues related to transmedia content development?
* How do the roles of authors, agents and editors change in a transmedia world?

* David Marlett, Managing Director, enkHouse
* Alison Norrington, Transmedia Storyteller & PhD researcher
* Anita Ondine, CEO, Seize the Media
* Chuck Wendig, Novelist, Screenwriter, Game Designer

* Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World

For more information, log on to Digital Book World:

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