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The eBook Sales Dip (DBW Roundtable)


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The Roundtable is a live, interactive webcast gathering some of the most outspoken industry professionals to debate the hottest publishing issues of the week, as being discussed in traditional media, the blogiverse and on Twitter. From celebrity book deals to eBook rights and pricing to [insert YOUR pet topic here] — if it’s related to books, it’s on the agenda.

Topic: The eBook Sales Dip

This episode of The Roundtable was webcast live at 1pm EDT on Thursday, June 17, 2010.

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The eBook Sales Dip (DBW Roundtable)

  1. 1. Laura Dawson Publishing Industry Consultant | | @ljndawson Pablo Defendini Interactive Producer, Open Road Media | | @pablod Kate Rados Director of Marketing, F+W Media | | @katerados Bridget Warren Former Co-Owner, Vertigo Books | | @vertigobooks Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World | | @glecharles NOTE: The hashtag for today’s show is #dbw | @digibookworld | #dbw
  2. 2. SPECIAL GUESTS Bradley Robb Author @knownhuman Sarah Weinman Publishing Reporter, AOL's DailyFinance @sarahw NOTE: The hashtag for today’s show is #dbw | @digibookworld | #dbw
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  4. 4. The eBook Sales Dip eBook sales “soared to $31.9 million” in January… but they declined slightly in February and March, with estimated sales of $28.9 million and $28.5 million. By comparison, Adult Paperback sales ($103.2m, $106.3m, $123.2m) had monthly increases and are up +23.5% over last year, and Adult Mass Market sales ($56m, $49.8m, $53.6m) saw monthly fluctuations and are down -6.6% vs. last year. Digital Book World, 5/24/10 | @digibookworld | #dbw
  5. 5. The eBook Sales Dip E-book sales have fallen every month since January, largely due to the cyclical nature of the overall book business. Indeed, the $27.4 million in April e-book sales represented 4.3% of all sales reported in the month, while the $31.9 million in e-book sales reported in January was only 3.9% of all sales reported in that month. Publishers Weekly, 6/16/10 | @digibookworld | #dbw
  6. 6. The eBook Sales Dip The AAP tracks publishers' receipts, or wholesale sales. In April, five of the largest publishers dropped their ebook prices across the board, and anyone else selling directly to Apple was getting a lower average wholesale price on at least a portion of their list. So you can see how the market could grow with the launch of the iBookstore, but the AAP numbers could decline. Publisher’s Lunch, 6/17/10 | @digibookworld | #dbw
  7. 7. The eBook Sales Dip | @digibookworld | #dbw
  8. 8. The eBook Sales Dip | @digibookworld | #dbw
  9. 9. The eBook Sales Dip | @digibookworld | #dbw
  10. 10. The eBook Sales Dip eBook Readers, 2-5 years Tablet PC, 2-5 years Web 2.0, NOW | @digibookworld | #dbw
  11. 11. Thank You for Attending. Next Episode: The Roundtable is webcast live every Thursday @ 1pm EST / 10am PST, and is now  available as a podcast at: Keep in Touch Follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn Group, and subscribe to our blog feed to  receive the latest information on our events, and insights on the latest news and  trends from top publishing strategists and technology experts. | @digibookworld | #dbw