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2010: Highs and Lows (DBW Roundtable)


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2010 has been a roller coaster year for the publishing industry, and Digital Book World's Roundtable discusses the highs and the lows.

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2010: Highs and Lows (DBW Roundtable)

  1. 1. Laura Dawson Content Chief, Firebrand Technologies | | @ljndawson Pablo Defendini Interactive Producer, Open Road Media | | @pablod Kate Rados Marketing Director, F+W Media | | @katerados Bridget Warren Former Co-Owner, Vertigo Books | | @vertigobooks Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World | | @glecharles NOTE: The hashtag for today’s show is | @digibookworld | #dbw
  2. 2. SPECIAL GUESTS Jason Boog Publishing Editor, @jasonboog Matt Mullin Marketing Manager, Digital Book World @muttinmall Emily Williams Co-chair, BISG Rights Subcommittee @emilyw00 NOTE: The hashtag for today’s show is | @digibookworld | #dbw
  3. 3. Digital Book World 2011 will present the proven innovators working at the intersection of publishing and technology who have the experience, insights and strategies to meet the challenge of successfully managing risks and seizing opportunities. January 24-26, 2011 | Save $200 w/ | @digibookworld | #dbw
  4. 4. The Bookstore of the Future What does the Espresso Book Machine® cost? USD $97,500 plus printer. The printers range in price from about $4,000 to $25,000. | @digibookworld | #dbw
  5. 5. Libraries’ Silver | @digibookworld | #dbw
  6. 6. The Self-Publishing Opportunity Three mistakes will plague the six huge publishing conglomerates, a.k.a., the Six Sisters: • Their blockbuster profit model is unsustainable; • Theyre not capable of marketing those titles that are in the market segment with the greatest profit potential; • Theyve stopped nurturing the majority of their talent with the editorial and promotional nutrition necessary for them to blossom into bestselling authors, the so-called mid-list authors whose early efforts showed enough promise to be published, but didnt return a profit. “Booking the future,” Ransom Stephens 15 June 2009 | @digibookworld | #dbw
  7. 7. Discoverability Search and Serendipity in the Digital | @digibookworld | #dbw
  8. 8. Social Media Reality Check “Be aware that not only do you need to be prepared to communicate over these platforms, but you need to be ready to deal with the responses you get.” --Caroline McCarthy, CNET news FOLIO: Social Media Will be ‘Part of Virtually Everything’ | @digibookworld | #dbw
  9. 9. Community vs. Commerce “Some of these conversations ended in a sale, but don’t let that fool you. The sale was merely the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.” Markets Are Conversations, CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO | @digibookworld | #dbw
  10. 10. Browser Wars | @digibookworld | #dbw
  11. 11. The Amazon | @digibookworld | #dbw
  12. 12. The Agency | @digibookworld | #dbw
  13. 13. Amazon vs. | @digibookworld | #dbw
  14. 14. eReaders: The New Mass Market? | @digibookworld | #dbw
  15. 15. eBook Anecdotes “If you look at who’s done well with new technology, it’s been Steve Jobs and Apple, along with EBay, Amazon and Netflix. All the wealth was created outside the business that experienced the change.” Ken Hertz, lawyer and entertainment marketing strategist | @digibookworld | #dbw
  16. 16. Publishing Math Games List Price: $99.99 List Price: $35.99 AMZN Price: $62.99 AMZN Price: $44.99 AMZN Price: $ | @digibookworld | #dbw
  17. 17. Decline and Fall of Literature "The concentration, the focus, the solitude, the silence, all the things that are required for serious reading are not within peoples reach anymore. Now it is the multiple screens and there is no competing against it." Philip Roth reflects on novels decline and "Nemesis" | @digibookworld | #dbw
  18. 18. Enhanced eBooks Entertainment, Education… Accessibility? | @digibookworld | #dbw
  19. 19. Live from BEA 2010 “Who has time for all the enhancement? You could be in there forever.” Jonathan Galassi Publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux “[Enhanced eBooks for fiction are] the Emperors New Clothes... Its not adding additional value for consumers, just additional expense for publishers.” Charlie Redmayne EVP, Chief Digital Officer, | @digibookworld | #dbw
  20. 20. The eBook Sales Dip eBook Readers, 2-5 years Tablet PC, 2-5 years Web 2.0, | @digibookworld | #dbw
  21. 21. Don’t Believe the Hype Two in three children say they will always want to read books printed on paper even though there are eBooks available. Kids who already have experience reading eBooks are just as likely as kids who have not had experience eReading to agree. -2010 Kids & Family Reading Report™ | @digibookworld | #dbw
  22. 22. What is a Publisher? “Deep technology shifts usually remove the ability to focus on a single axis.” “Transmedia and web-based delivery are examples where new entrants better able to produce, distribute.” Organizational Fields and the Book Industry Peter Brantley, Firebrand Community Conference 9/21/ | @digibookworld | #dbw
  23. 23. New Skills for Publishing I’m learning, because I want to learn animation, I want to learn video games, I want to learn every… I want to learn book publishing and I want to learn TV. Why? Because, as a storyteller, I’m convinced that in the next five to ten years, we’re going to need to know all of that. All of that… Del Toro: The Future Of Storytelling Is Transmedia - Techland - | @digibookworld | #dbw
  24. 24. Digitize Thyself | @digibookworld | #dbw
  25. 25. Thank You for Attending. Next Episode: The Roundtable is webcast live every Thursday @ 1pm EST / 10am PST, and is now  available as a podcast at: Keep in Touch Follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn Group, and subscribe to our blog feed to  receive the latest information on our events, and insights on the latest news and  trends from top publishing strategists and technology | @digibookworld | #dbw