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Overview of Digitaland, a creative agency for online advertising services.

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  • Digitaland is a creative production agency formed by talented and passionate experts in online advertising campaigns and rich media ads.
    Our mission is to provide you with hassle-free rich-media production, guarantee cost-effective services to maximize your ROI and to deliver top-quality customer support.
    Learn more at:
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Digitaland | Overview

  1. 1. © Digitaland | All rights reservedCompany ProfileAmir Dori | Biz Dev and Marketing Manager
  2. 2. © All rights reserved |ContentsIntroWhoweareCertificationsCustomersTestimonialsExpertiseServices01020304050607
  3. 3. © All rights reserved |Ittakestoomuch timetotrain freelancersandnewin-housedevelopers““
  4. 4. © All rights reserved |It’shardtogetstrategic thinkingintothetight scheduleofacampaign““
  5. 5. © All rights reserved |Our mission:Provideyouwithhassle-freerich-mediaproduction.Guaranteecost-effectiveservicestomaximizeyourROI.Delivertop-qualitycustomersupport....
  6. 6. © All rights reserved |How?With state of the art capabilities, deepknowledge, and strong expertise thatallows for fast turnarounds and muchbetter richmedia production.Infact, we cansave you upto 50%on production costs!
  7. 7. © All rights reserved |Who We AreUSA, MiamiHeadquarters &ManagementArgentina,Buenos AiresDigitalProduction HubIsrael, Tel AvivInnovation &DevelopmentFounded in 2009, Digitaland is a rich media company that is basedin three key locations. It provides online advertising services to theindustrys top creative and media agencies, publishers, ad servers,and advertisers.
  8. 8. © All rights reserved |Digitaland is always one step ahead when it comes to rich media.Complying with today’s cross-platform capabilities, APIs, formats,products, and technologies, Digitaland is certified to take on anychallenge you may throw its way.Certifications
  9. 9. © All rights reserved |Trusted CustomersThese top brands trust Digitaland with their online advertisementcampaigns. Join us and see your own projects rewarded.
  10. 10. © All rights reserved |TestimonialsSeewhatourclientssay:“Ihighly recommend towork with Digitaland, asit hasbeen agreat partner, delivering greatquality banners, many of them with verystrong CTR and they haveagreat turnaround time”“Digitaland hasbecome our right hand for allour digital projects. Alwaysreliable, willing tohelp, focusing on finding solutions toany last minute problems and with greatcustomerservice”“Digitaland are an exceptional creative partner. They are highly knowledgeable of creativeprogramming, haveconceptual techniques and are fast to deliver on creative requests.Theteam is extremely supportive and helps you in order to deliver creative pieces on timeandaccurately”
  11. 11. © All rights reserved |At Digitaland we want you to be able to satisfy all of your requirements.For this purpose alone we cover a wide range of services from whichyou can choose for the best online advertising experience:Variety of Expertise
  12. 12. © All rights reserved |Rich Media &Creative ServicesFollow oursocial Networks!
  13. 13. © All rights reserved |Format: MicrositesMicrosites linked toamain site or takencompletely off a sitesserver when the site isused for a temporarypurpose.Dazzle users andencourage them tointeract with yourbrand.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  14. 14. © All rights reserved |Format: IAB BillboardHuge high-visibility adunitwith clear valuefor advertisersoffering full richmedia interactivity.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  15. 15. © All rights reserved |Format: Interactive VideoEnable advertisers toeasily turn theirstandard video adcampaigns intointeractive in-streamvideo campaigns toachieve better userengagement.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  16. 16. © All rights reserved |Format: FilmstripInnovative ad formatthatwillexcite bothyour audience andyour creativity.Consumers getacontent-richinteractive experiencethatdoesnt interrupttheir viewing.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  17. 17. © All rights reserved |Format: PushdownPushdown ad expandswhile politely pushing allpage elementsdownwards.Ifthe user closes theexpanded Pushdown, theunitseamlessly retractswhile pushing allpageelements back totheiroriginal position.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  18. 18. © All rights reserved |Format: MastheadEachMasthead adisahuge canvas for yourbrand message.Interactive richmediaandsocial media linksgive you tremendoususer engagement.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  19. 19. © All rights reserved |Format: TakeoverInnovative creativewithin home pageswhichdisplays adplacement that canappeal tothe broaderaudience.Allows the advertisertograb user attentionthrough ateasingexperience.Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  20. 20. © All rights reserved |Format: GliderStartswith anon-userinitiated float element andupon user interactionpushes the entire sitedown ina gliding motioninitiating a panel whereadvertisers candisplaytheir brand messaging .Watch live demo Start your ad NOW! >>
  21. 21. © All rights reserved |Ad Trafficking &CampaignManagementFollow oursocial Networks!
  22. 22. © All rights reserved |Ad Trafficking & Campaign ManagementDigitaland understands that Ad Trafficking is the windpipe ofonline advertisers. Using innovative methods, Digitalandguarantees that each campaign will have the air of success:• Strategic placement of adsand banners.• Built-in creative capabilities.• Approved media planwithin 24 hours.• Cross-platform adaptability.• Simultaneous communicationwith media agencies andpublishers.Start your campaign NOW!
  23. 23. © All rights reserved |Video Production &Motion GraphicsFollow oursocial Networks!
  24. 24. © All rights reserved |Motion GraphicsWatch live demo Start your project NOW!Visualizing rawdata increativemanner tomaximize engagement,socialsharing and explain thebottom line much, muchbetter!
  25. 25. © All rights reserved |About Us VideoHand drawn from scratch,fully engaging and creative videoabout our company.Watch live video
  26. 26. © All rights reserved |Product Demo PortfolioHand drawn from scratch, engaging and creative videos of productdemos (mobile, smart versioning, smart trading, smart planning andmore) created in-house for DGMediamind.Watch live demo
  27. 27. © All rights reserved |Dynamic CreativeOptimizationFollow oursocial Networks!
  28. 28. © All rights reserved |Start your campaign NOW!Dynamic Creative OptimizationWhen online advertisers pay for ads they want to spread, theyoften expect quick results. Many ads, however, fail to produceinterest if they target the wrong audience.Digitaland’s smart DCO system assures that each ad will alwaysfind its target audience, at any time.• Content optimization in real time.• Variable-based ads.• Smart Click Rate ad serving.• Utilized Platform.• Enhanced performance• Targeted delivery.
  29. 29. © All rights reserved |Facebook Apps &Mobile AppsFollow oursocial Networks!
  30. 30. © All rights reserved |Facebook Apps & Mobile AppsStart your campaign NOW!Asanadvertisingplatform, mobile andFacebook has a highvalue. The factthatthey canoffer moresophisticated targetingcriteria such associal,interests, or location,makesthem a strongplayers among digitalstrategies.
  31. 31. © All rights reserved |Ad Serving& AnalyticsFollow oursocial Networks!
  32. 32. © All rights reserved |Ad Serving and Analytics• State-of-the-art analyticsutilization.• Solid benchmarking forbest performance.• Innovative ad-serving service.• 24/7, global time-zonescampaign statuses.• Smart monitoring ofcampaign performance.• Customized reports.Start your campaign NOW!Digitaland’s advanced ad serving service puts each ad in thespotlight, across platforms, giving it all the attention it needs.For a long-lasting effect, Digitaland’s makes use of a smartanalytics system to monitor performance and verify success.To make sure each campaign always fares, its light always on:
  33. 33. © All rights reserved |Click on any service to learn more!Now that you met Digitaland,why should you compromise on less?Contact us today and see top results in half the time.Get started NOW! >> |