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Social media


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Social media

  1. 1. Headlines from the group ”Social Media” Purpose of this Group • Explore the opportunities for growth and business revenue through social media; • Explore the use of social media in public sector for better services, to enhance interaction with the business community and engage with citizens/citizens networks; • Explore the so-called “apps economy” as leading job creator into the future Key data on online engagement: platform On platform: 167 members, 67 discussions, 330 comments Most discussed: Most active: Social Media Strategy Europe 29 Top 10 EU Social Businesses 23 Axel Schultze Transforming business with social media will #FAIL, if they dont get the education 22 Thierry Nabeth Five Country Assessment 11 Digital Agenda Assembly - Status Quo 10 Michele Cimmino What next 10 Stephan Engberg The 21st century media needs 21st century rule 9 Usage Guides for SocialMedia 9 simon fenton-jones Who will be at the DAA Meting in June? 9 Extraordinary Social Media Engagement 8 Social media and public sector 8 Who say that Social media has to be dis-empowering? 8
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  4. 4. Headlines from the group ”Social Media”Topic 1: Explore the opportunities for growth and business revenue through socialmediaChallengesStimulate SMEs and innovative start-ups across the EU leveraging social media to create asustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market.Actions recommended and commitments made:•Research on the perception of social media in all European countries, including obstacles,different rules and regulation [>> continue supporting the crowdsourced pan-European SocialMedia Strategy project”];•Identify opportunities focusing on industry segments with a sustainable impact on acountry’s economy;•Contribute to change in the business culture in Europe (make companies aware of socialmedia as strategic tool to grow their businesses)•Highlighted quotesAxel Schultze: “Success is if any of the country team members can motivate 25 companieseach quarter to leverage social media to grow their export and hire additional employees todo so. Over the course of the next 4 years success is if the team of 500 was able to help200,000 companies across Europe to grow plus 200,000 who basically learned on their own.If those companies hire just 5 additional people, we created 2 million additional jobs.”
  5. 5. Headlines from the group ”Social Media”Topic 2: Social Media in the Public SectorChallenges:• Legacy web browsers and existing contractual arrangements• No clear and up-to-date understanding of the risks, benefits and costs• Consider alternatives to preventing all usageActions recommended and commitments made• Communicate with citizens and business communities in the places they already are;• Use social media to consult and engage;• Use social media to be more transparent and accountable;• Be part of the conversation with all the benefits that brings;• Understand that government/public administration cannot do everything alone, or in isolation;• Build relationships with your stakeholders on and offline – social media is just one of many channels!Highlighted quotes@DanielSteeves I hope the discussion on the #da12 platform spurs some cooperation and supports a pragmatic approach to re-use: lets stop reinventing wheels!
  6. 6. Headlines from the group ”Social Media”Topic 3: Explore the so-called “apps economy” as leading job creator into the futureChallenges:• This industry is entirely new (had zero jobs just 5 years ago before the iPhone was introduced), growing rapidly and extremely fluid;• Both the location and number of app-related jobs are likely to shift greatly;• Figures generally presented are estimates, so they may represent jobs not lost rather than net jobs gained.Actions recommended and commitments made:• The rapid growth of the “App Economy” demonstrates that economic value and jobs can be quickly created through cutting-edge innovation.• How big can the “App Economy” get? That depends in many ways on the future of wireless and social networks. If wireless and social network platforms continue to grow, then we can expect the “App Economy” to grow along with them.