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  1. 1. Headlines from the group ”Security”Key data on online engagement: platformOn platform: 77 members, 41 discussions, 194 comments Most discussed: Most active: Easy to use mechanisms enabling awareness & privacy control 12 Axel Schultze Cloud-based Public Administration 11 Trade-offs and Security Challenges in the Cloud 9 Thierry Nabeth economics of privacy 8 Data Privacy and Security proposed EU regualtions 7 Speaking of Privacy and Traceability 7 Michele Cimmino Strengths and Weaknesses of European ICT Security Industry 7 Stephan Engberg Which security concern keeps you up at night? 7
  2. 2. Key data on online engagement: twitterMost RT @MSEurope: European e-identity plan to be unveiled this month Most activeRT #da12trustsec RT @fidis: Question: European Investments in ICT security | Digital Agenda Assembly #da12trustsec RT @mariocampolargo: #Web2.0 a tool to control citizens? Interesting discussion on #da12 #da12trustsec @PDrogkaris
  3. 3. Wordcloud overall discussion
  4. 4. Headlines from the group ”Security”Purpose of this Group “Securing Europe’s Information Society”Challengesi. Enabling Awareness and Privacy Controlii.Legal and Strategic - Administrative Regulationsiii.Stimulating Investments to develop a Secure and Trustworthy European ICTHighlighted quotesStephan Engberg @Engbrg Security is perhaps a methodology, a principle of risk minimization, a process such as a negotiation and validated resolution againt a set of security tools, technologies, procedures, solutions etc. But what is the "ICT Security Industry"?
  5. 5. Challenge: Enabling Awareness and Privacy ControlActions recommended• Communicate security’s importance to citizens and preserve awareness campaigns• Empowering citizens to retain control over their personal data and digital identities• Promote technology to assist the end users in assessing the information they diffuse• Educate SMEs on the importance of their data, potential threats and how to act proactively• Elevate that industry can expect more annuities from promoting privacy rather than invading itHighlighted quotesThierry Nabeth @ThierryNabeth One of the problem with privacy on the Internet is that people had a false sense of security
  6. 6. Challenge: Legal and Strategic - Administrative RegulationsActions recommended• Assess and review Data Privacy Regulations• Address emerging technologies’ (cloud) security and privacy issues• Increase accountability of ICT providers and users regarding their behavior in the cyber- sphere• Put into practice truly interoperable security / identity models• Promote security standardization• Institute - authorize European agencies in charge of operational coordination and redefine their scope as a backbone of Internet Strategy deploymentsHighlighted quotesHagai Bar-El Legislation shall protect users also from harm caused by data they willingly contributed to the public domain
  7. 7. Challenge: Stimulating Investments to develop a Secure and Trustworthy European ICT Improve Marketing Skills Increase Awareness Clarify Allocation of Responsibilities Higher Level of Security Pre-commercial procurement Integrated Security Solutions Votes Improve Liability Improve Accountability Promote Best Practises Improve User-Friendliness of Technolog Lower Market Entry Barriers Harmonize Security Policies 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Number of votes per incentives is indicative. Actual numbers will be updated shortly before the workshop